2022 Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your Nice List

Christmas is coming up fast and with it the looming question of what to get those on your list. We all have different interests and things that make us smile but it can be hard to narrow down specific gifts even when you know what those interests are and what prompts a smile.

2022 Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone on Your List

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For the Chefs & Hosts:

People who love cooking and entertaining are always super fun to buy gifts for. They aren’t super difficult to shop for but you also want to make sure you’re going to grab something that they’ll actually use. Here are some fabulous gift ideas for the cooks and hosts in your life:

This Set of Three Serving Platters

These are great because they can fit seamlessly into any style. In three different sizes, the cook in your life can be free to display their culinary feats proudly! For only $29.99, they are also not too hard on your budget.

This Versatile Ninja Air Fryer

Okay, so this gift is actually great for just about anybody. Who doesn’t love a good air fryer? This one is extra-special because it also allows for dehydrating, reheating, crisping, and more! It’s even compact so you can gift this to those who may not necessarily have a lot of space. It’s $89.95 and has a ton of 5 Star ratings!

This Pasta Maker

Sometimes store-bought pasta just doesn’t hit. If you know friends and family who are daring enough to make their own pasta, this is the perfect gift. It is also budget-friendly at only $34.99!

This Extra Large Charcuterie Board

If you’re gifting a person who loves to throw parties, think about this huge charcuterie board. It would be perfect for any party, game night, or gathering. It costs $55.99 and is honestly a great gift choice for more than just hosts!

This Custom Chef’s Apron

Personalized gifts just hit differently sometimes. If you are looking for something extra-special for the chef in your life, consider this lovely apron for only $31.95.


For the Techies:

Shopping for techies can be rough because they’re usually already on top of the newest gadgets available. But, some gadgets are classic and there are some gifts that can surprise even the most hardcore techie.


Who doesn’t enjoy Airpods? These are the ones my husband and I have and we both probably use them every day. They are a great gift for just about anybody who likes listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks. They are $89 but they make one hell of a gift.

This Mini Projector

This mini projector is compatible with pretty much everything and is perfect for watching movies, music videos, or whatever you want! It is $59.99 and is a gift that will dazzle adults and kids alike.

This 3-1 Charging Station

This is perfect for the bedside of any techie. It is made for Apple products and is only $36.99!

This Neat, Colorful Keyboard & Mouse

This light-up keyboard and matching mouse are a great way to boost the appearance of any gamer’s desk, (or work-a-holic who likes a bit of pizazz.) The set is only $36.98!

This Clip-on Ring Light

Do you know someone who makes social media content? What about someone who finds themselves in a lot of meetings? This little clip-on light will make every video and meeting they’re in seem more professional. It only costs $19.99!

For the Outdoor Lover:

Outdoor lovers crave wide open spaces. Whether they’re into camping, hiking, kayaking, or any other outdoor activity, there is a gift for everyone!

This Double Sleeping Bag for Campers

This is a great two-in-one gift for couples who love camping. How nice would it be for that couple to be able to snuggle up together after hiking? This fleece-lined double sleeping bag is the perfect gift for outdoor lovers who enjoy romantic camping weekends. For $68, it’s a gift they will use for years to come!

This Camping Chair with Side Table

When you’re in the great outdoors, it’s nice to have a comfy place to sit and even sit your drink. This is a great chair for campers or even for those who enjoy campfires with friends. It’s only $31.19 at the time of this post!

This Dry Bag

I love this dry bag! It comes in a lot of different colors and is certain to keep all of your stuff dry while kayaking or boating. It is only $18.99!

This Camping Hammock

This is one of those gifts that should be reserved for true nature lovers! It’s a hammock they can take on their next adventure that comes with a mosquito net, rainfly, and more. It is $39.99.

For the Animal Lover:

Animal lovers span a large number of people. There are cat lovers, dog lovers, bird lovers, and many, many more. If you have an animal lover in your life, consider some of these great gifts!

This Octopus Wine Bottle Holder

This is simply BEAUTIFUL! If anybody in your life loves octopuses and wine, this gift is a win-win! It’s $44.88 and selling out quickly so hurry!


This Awesome Scratch Post for Cat Parents

Seriously, how freaking cute is this? It’s already ordered and on the way for our Tulip but I figured I’d share. It’s just too adorable not to. If you are looking for a gift for cat parents or your own cat, you can’t go wrong with this for only $27.99!

This Bird Feeder allows you to Observe

This is a super cool gift for anyone who loves birds! It attaches to the outside of a window and allows you to take a peek at the birds as they eat. It’s $29.80 as of this post.

This Adorable Chameleon Coffee Mug

Isn’t this super cute? If you know someone who likes chameleons, I can think of few gifts that would be better suited for that person. It’s only $17.99 and is a super unique gift choice!

These Super Cozy Otter Slippers

These are perfect for the otter lover in your life. And, who doesn’t love otters? They’re super cute and the fact that they hold each other while they sleep multiplies that cuteness by at least 50! These slippers start at $29.99.

Some Great Pet Deals on Chewy:

This Large Dog Bed for $36.39!

For the Plant Lover:

As a plant lover myself, I can vouch for the fact that no, we can never have enough plants, pots, or places to put them!


This Indoor Herb Kit

I love having fresh herbs on hand. This is a great gift for chef and plant lovers alike. With this kit, you can grow 8 different herbs inside year-round. (Mine has been going great). It’s $34.95.

This Indoor Plant Stand

As a plant-lover myself, I can attest to running out of space for my beloved plants. This plant stand allows plant lovers a ton more space and it only costs $27.99! 

This Super Cute Pot for Indoor Plants

I love this and it’s great for plant lovers! Trust me, any true plant lover will find something to put in this perfect little pot. It costs $20.40 and will bring a smile to anyone’s face!

For the Beauty Enthusiasts:

This Ice Roller

I basically used this beauty every other day and sometimes even catch my husband using it. It is great to not only shrink down those pores but to also wake you up on those particularly rough Mondays! It’s only $10.99 and makes a great gift!

This Set of Ordinary Face Serums

If you know anyone who loves face serums, this is a fabulous gift. It features 3 of their best-sellers and will visibly improve the texture and look of the skin in no time. This set is an absolute steal at only $27!

 Best Gift Sets at Sephora this Holiday Season: 

This AWESOME Holiday Lip Gift Set at Sephora

This Glow Recipe Gift Set for $49

Sephora Collection Advent Calendar PERFECT for any Beauty Guru on your List


For the Ones Who Enjoy Comfort:

This Set of Luxury Pillows

Once I found these pillows, I’ll never go back. Do you love the pillows at your favorite hotels? If so, you will love these too! This set of 2 is only $36.99 and screams comfort!

These His & Hers Comfy Robes

These are great for any couples in your life who love comfort. They come in a number of different colors. While the set is $83.99, they are built to last!

This Silk Sheet Set

This set comes in loads of different colors and radiates comfort. If you’re looking to gift someone a smoother night’s sleep, this will do it. And, it’s only $28.99!

This Weighted Blanket

This is the weighted blanket that I use and it’s a savior when it comes to my anxiety. If you know a fellow insomniac or anyone else who enjoys a deeper night’s sleep, you can’t go wrong with this weighted blanket. It sells for just $23.99!

For the New Home Owners:

This Custom Welcome Mat

This custom welcome mat may need to be ordered sooner than other gifts to allow for personalization but who doesn’t adore a personalized gift? This one is great for new homeowners and it only costs $44!

This Electric Kettle

I use this baby every day for tea! It’s a great addition to any house and is also a great gift for new homeowners. It’s only $27.99!


For the Health Fanatics:

The Fitbit Inspire 3

This is a great gift for anyone but especially for health fanatics and exercise gurus. It allows you to track your steps, exercise routines, and even sleep. It’s $99.95 and is a gift pretty much anyone would be happy to receive this holiday season.

This Juicer

I’ve become obsessed with juicing since purchasing our juicer back in February. If you want to step up your health game, there are view gifts that can deliver what a juicer can. Grab this one for $69.99 for yourself or as a gift for anyone looking to be healthier in 2023!

This Adorable Personal Blender

If you know someone who loves smoothies and especially loves them before or after working out – this is the perfect budget-friendly gift! It only costs $21.99 and is perfect for friends and family who are often on the go.

For the Exercise Enthusiasts:

This Kettlebell

Kettlebell exercises are growing in popularity, for good reason. They make for a great workout. This kettlebell comes in a variety of weights and starts at only $12.99!

This Highly-Rated Exercise Ball

This exercise comes in different colors and is designed to withstand intense workouts! There are so many different exercises that one could do using only this ball which is why it makes the perfect gift for any exercise enthusiast in your life. It also won’t hurt your wallet at only $23.45.


For the Creatives:

This 18pk of Acrylic Paint

Do you have any painters in your life? If so, they will absolutely love this set of 18 different acrylic paints! The entire set is only $19 and some change!

This Floral Journal

If you know someone who enjoys journaling, this beautiful journal is the perfect gift. It’s also only $15.99.

For the Beer & Wine Enthusiasts:

This Set of 6 Beer Glasses

This is a great set of beer glasses for the beer-lover in your life. The entire set of 6 is only $23.99 and is yet another gift that the receiver can use for years to come.

This Gorgeous Set of Colored Wine Glasses

How stunning are these? If you know someone who loves having a glass of wine or two, there are few gifts as beautiful as this set of 6 Italian wine glasses. They are a bit pricey at $69.95, but they would make the perfect addition to any wine lover’s home!

This Electric Wine Opener that’s Rechargeable

Anyone who loves wine will love this gift. It’s an electric wine opener that requires zero elbow grease! It can also be recharged so no batteries are needed. And, it’s only $22.99!

This Festive Barware Set from Macy’s 

For the Book Worms:


This Kindle

If you know people who love to read and they have made their way to your gift list, there are few gifts better than a Kindle! I absolutely love mine and read nightly. This one is $139 and perfect for any bookworm, (young or old), in your life!

For the Traveler:

This Travel Pillow + Extras

Traveling can be stressful but that can all be taken down a huge notch with this travel pillow! Give to friends or family who travel often. It even comes with earplugs and a contoured eye mask. $22.99 is a small price to pay for being able to catch some ZzZ’s on those long flights.

This Carry-On Luggage

This particular carry-on comes in a number of different colors and is the perfect traveling companion for any traveler! It’s $89.99!

This Awesome Travel Organizer Bag

This bag is perfect for organizing toiletries, cosmetics, and more while traveling. It has a hook that makes it perfect for hanging in the bathroom to easily access anything you need! It’s $22.99 and ideal for any type of traveler.

This Traveler’s Map

This blue, white, and gold map is simply stunning and a great way for frequent travelers to show off where they’ve been. Trust me, anybody who makes traveling a priority in their life will absolutely adore this! It’s $89 but worth every cent!

For the Board Game Enthusiasts:

This Stunning Chess Set

If you have friends or family who boast impressive chess skills, this set is a winner. It’s weighted with marble and is beautiful enough to use as a conversation piece. It is $95 and is a gift that any chess-lover will certainly appreciate.


This is one of my husband and I’s favorite board games. It can be played with 1-5 players and is rated 14+. It’s $47.33!

Random Gifts Everyone Will Love:

Sometimes when you break it down, there are simply gifts that can suit just about anyone. I’m talking about those special ones that just about everyone can find use and/or enjoyment for.

A Hello Fresh Subscription

We have tried a ton of meal kits but always end up going back to Hello Fresh! They have the most options and continually add new recipes so you don’t get bored!

A Nest Thermostat

It’s just a nice home upgrade to have. We have the black one and it just looks so much better than the old ones. This one is only $89 at the time of this posting.


There you have it – Something for Everyone!

I will continue to update this article as I find even more awesome gift ideas. Let me know which ones are your favorites in the comments! I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday season!

Krissy October is a professional freelance writer, aspiring novelist and knowledge nerd who is dedicated to consistent self-improvement and finding clever ways to solve everyday problems.

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