Caring For Plants: Easy Tips

Plant care might not always be the easiest when you are unsure of where to start, which plants to get, or even how to take care of them. Once you learn plant care basics and have a routine in place, you’ll notice the benefits of being a plant parent ( and how easy it is to be one ). Did you know that plants can help you breathe happier and boost your mood just by having them near you? You could add a few office houseplants or deck out your bedroom- there are a few tips to assist you in taking care of these new plants of yours. 

1. Watering Plants Regularly 

If you have potted plants, you might be unsure of how often you need to water them. One suggestion would be to feel the soil. If the soil is dry within the first inch or so, this is your indicator that it does need water. Does your plant have any leaves? If the leaves are dry or discolored, it might be time to add a little extra water than what you have in your regular routine.

While simply watering your plants may seem like a pretty obvious plant care tip, it can save them! Always remember to water your plants regularly!

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2. Underwatering Versus Overwatering

A plant can actually recover faster if it’s being deprived of water rather than having way too much. To help an underwatered plant, you might need to re-pot the plant and remove any unhealthy roots. If it’s overwatered the soil might be too waterfy and difficult to move.

3. Stability is Important

Scope out where you’ll put your plants in your home before you pick one can make more of a difference than you think. Plants thrive once they know their surroundings so finding a spot with the right amount of light is essential. Temperature is also key. Fluctuating temperatures can shock your plants and lead to the plant not being able to thrive and grow. If you’re curious, plants prefer temperatures from 65-75 degrees as an ideal temp to be at their best.

4. Try Smaller Plants First

When you are looking into purchasing a plant, space is key as I said but it’s better to purchase a small one first rather than a large one. This is because a small plant will be able to get more established in a home and have a larger ratio of roots to grow. A larger plant might not continue to grow until the roots catch up with the growth around it. Ideally, try a small house plant on your desk or your kitchen and work up from that.

5. The Importance of Pruning

Did you know that it’s essential to prune your plants? Getting rid of old-growth on your plants will help your plants grow again. This is kind of like how trimming the dead ends of your hair can help your hair grow healthier and quicker again. After winter is when you’ll see a few of the tips of the leaves of your plants die so do a small simple plant haircut to ensure that you’re doing it correctly. 

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