How To Relocate Without The Stress

Moving is one of those things that can be a LOT to deal with. You have to pack, turn on and off utilities, buy moving trucks, and then if you are moving long-distance? SHEESH! It adds an entirely new list of to-do’s that can be overwhelming! 

Yes, moving is normally a lot but it doesn’t actually have to be. There are ways to be stress-free with a smooth move that is actually a lot simpler than you may have originally thought. 

Here are five tips on how you can accomplish this: 

Learn About the Commute Beforehand

Before moving to the area, you want to get to know how you’re going to be most conveniently get around. For example, in most areas in New Jersey a car might be more convenient, while in New York it’s really not necessary to even have a car (and also is extremely inconvenient). If you don’t drive, learn the transit systems and schedules. Figure out where some basic things you know you’ll need is so that you aren’t spending the first few weeks of your move lost and confused. 


Start Decluttering Early 

One of the most STRESSFUL parts of moving is all of the packing and organizing our stuff! So, as soon as you know you’re moving, start the process of decluttering! Get rid of the clothes you don’t wear, rusted pots and pans you don’t use, random items that you have but serve no purpose. Doing this will not only give you less to pack, but you’ll also find yourself organizing some of the things you DO want to keep which will make the process early! 


Get Excellent Movers 

Another MAJOR way to avoid stress is to let the experts do the big stuff for you! Did you know there were services that can take some of the most time consuming and frustrating part of moving right off your hands?! Bluebell Relocation Services is a moving service that helps you not only get your stuff from one place to another (including long distance whoop whoop!), but ALSO helps to pack your stuff also! Imagine being able to have someone else do the heavy packing so you don’t have to worry about it! They also offer furniture moving services and offer special services for senior citizens. If you want to reduce stress when you move to New York from New Jersey, this is the place you want to get into! 


Breakdown Tasks and Give Yourself Deadlines 

With most things, the process is smoother if you don’t wait until the last minute to get started! The truth is, it never SEEMS like moving is a lot until you’re in the midst of doing it. There is actually TONS of to do’s that you’ll need to tackle. Look at what needs to be done for your move to happen smoothly and break up those tasks so that by the time you are moving, all that is left to do… is MOVE! 



I know moving is a lot. It can be stressful, but remember this is an exciting new adventure for you and no matter what, you’ve got this! Taking time away to just sit and breathe and be will allow you to regroup and refocus so you can handle this move like the boss individual you are! So, Take some time whenever you feel yourself getting overwhelmed to stop and just BREATHE! 


Moving doesn’t HAVE to be stressful. 


Are you about to make a big move? Are there any other tips you didn’t read here that you could add? Let’s talk about it down below! I hope you have a fantastic and stress-free move – I know that you can!!


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Alex Berger

Krissy October is a professional freelance writer, aspiring novelist and knowledge nerd who is dedicated to consistent self-improvement and finding clever ways to solve everyday problems.

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