Mini Breaks That Can Help You Reclaim Your Focus

Keeping focus throughout the day can be difficult, especially with everything else that has been going on. A lack of focus can be due to a number of reasons; overwhelm, anxiety, stress, too much on your plate, and more. You may have heard that taking small breaks throughout the day is one of the best ways to reclaim your focus and while that is totally true, what you do during those breaks matters!

I have struggled with keeping my focus throughout the day, and it can be especially difficult to reclaim that focus once it’s been lost. It can even feel impossible. Sometimes you just feel like calling it quits for the day and starting again tomorrow. But, that just adds more and more to your list of things to do and you risk some serious overwhelm setting in.

There is a better way to reclaim your focus and it’s all about those mini-breaks. I’ve found that certain types of breaks can really help me get that focus back and I hope they can work for you too.

1. A Quick, Guided Meditation

A guided meditation is one of the best ways to have a break that serves a double purpose. It allows you to leave all that is clouding your mind in the past and regain that focus. This works for many people including myself.

If you’re new to meditation, give this one below a try:

2. A 10-15 Minute Walk Outside

This one isn’t always an option but when weather permits, it’s one of the best. Just a 10-15 minute walk outside gives you that quick dose of vitamin D and lets you reset your mind. You also get some new surroundings which can also work to help you clear your head so that when you go back to work, you can get that precious focus back.

3. Organize Your Workspace

Sometimes clutter or a lack of organization in your workspace can be a contributing factor to your loss of focus. When things are in their place, everything just runs more smoothly. Take as much time as you need to organize your workspace, (or another space if applicable), and then get back to work. Chances are, that short organizational time has given your brain enough time to relax so that you can get back to focusing on the task or tasks ahead.

4. Have The Right Snack

Chowing down on some chips may sound like a good idea but it really isn’t. It does nothing to improve your focus or keep you going throughout the day. While it is a great idea to have small snacks throughout the day, only the right snacks will do.

Here are some great snacks for focus: 

  • Blueberries
  • A banana
  • Yogurt
  • A Smoothie
  • A Handful of Nuts


5. Have A Solid Stretch

Stretching throughout the day and as soon as I wake up in the morning has done WONDERS for me. I didn’t know how much even a 7-10 minute stretch can do. When you take a break, just do some common stretches, (or some Yoga stretches). Your body will feel looser when you’re done and while stretching, you’ve recharged your mind enough to get back to work. Seriously, give it a try.

6. Deep Breathing

If you’ve followed most things I’ve written, I always mention the 7-8-9 deep breathing technique because it’s a game-changer. Simply inhale deeply for 7 seconds, hold that breath for 8 seconds and exhale slowly for 9 seconds. Repeat a couple of times.

Stress, anxiety, a lack of focus – there are few things that this incredible breathing exercise can’t tackle.

7. Moving Around In General

Honestly, there have been times when I’ve lost total focus and was able to regain it simply by stopping what I was doing, doing 20-50 jumping jacks, and immediately getting back to work. Sometimes we just need to move around, away from what we were doing to be able to get back to it.

Get crazy with the ways you move around during your breaks. Have a 10-minute solo dance party, do a quick workout, whatever it takes to get your mind off of what you were doing. Once you go back, hopefully, your focus is right back there with you.

The Right Mini-Breaks Can Win Back Your Focus!

You can even come up with some creative mini-breaks that work for you. It may be 10-15 minutes of free sketching or free writing. It could be literally anything that gets your brain away from what it cannot focus on for a time so when you go back, that focus can be reclaimed.

Let me know some of your most creative mini-breaks in the comment section! 


Krissy October is a professional freelance writer, aspiring novelist and knowledge nerd who is dedicated to consistent self-improvement and finding clever ways to solve everyday problems.

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