Journal Prompts To Push You Towards a More Positive Mindset

I keep saying it and I’ll say it again, a positive mindset is everything. But, it can be hard to get there, especially if you have been dwelling in a negative headspace for too long. It’s all about training the mind to look at scenarios differently, eliminating negative self-talk, and taking a more active approach to self-improvement. These things can take time.

Writing in a journal is great for mental health and it can also be a great way to begin to train your mind to be more positive. Achieving a more positive mindset is possible. I created each of these journal prompts in the hopes that they can be that first, pivotal stepping stone that is going to help you live in a more positive state of mind.


  1. Write about a time you wish you would have handled something differently and describe how you wish you would have handled it instead.
  2. List 3 negative thoughts you have on 1 side of a page. On the other side, write the same thing but give it a positive spin.
  3. Make up a place that would be perfect for you. Describe everything about it. It can be a vacation, a home, or even just a room.
  4. Write a letter to a person who is having a negative impact on your life. (Bonus points if you share those feelings with that person).
  5. List 10 traits that you admire and why.
  6. If you could be any animal, which animal would you be? Then look that animal up online and really think about all the obstacles that animal faces. Write how you feel about it after you have learned more.
  7. Write about 3 hobbies you would like to try. Then go back and think about why you haven’t actually tried them yet.
  8. Write about something that somebody said to you that always stuck with you. Why did it stick with you? Did you learn anything from it? Where is that person now?
  9. Write about something positive you want to add to your daily routine. Then, create a plan to actually add it into your daily routine.
  10. Write about the weather today. Even if it is not your favorite and there are a lot of downsides to the weather, write about the good aspects of it.

11. Write about PROCRASTINATION. When’s the last time you procrastinated? Why? How did it make you feel? How can avoid it in the future?

12. Look around you. Write about 7 things you see and why you are thankful for them.

13. Write about trying a new food for the first time.

14. Think about a dream that you remember. Write about it.

15. What makes a compelling conversation? Write one out.

16. Write yourself a pep talk.

17. Make a list of things that make you smile. Continue to go back to that list and write about each of them.

18. Imagine yourself totally in control of your emotions. Describe how that would feel.

19. Write about a tough time that you made it through. How did you make it through? How were you feeling during that time and when it was over?

20. Write about what CONFIDENCE means to you.


A More Positive Mindset will Change Your Life

I hope these are helpful! If you are looking to become more positive, check out this post: 7 Ways to Live in a More Positive State of Mind.

Krissy October is a professional freelance writer, aspiring novelist and knowledge nerd who is dedicated to consistent self-improvement and finding clever ways to solve everyday problems.

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  1. I love these prompts! Especially lists – I find myself going back to those time and time again when I re-read journals.

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