44 The Best Horror Movies To Stream in Time For Halloween

Happy October! The leaves are starting to change and most of us have started the game in which we see how long we can wait until we turn the heat on. It also means that Halloween is coming up! Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, my favorite holiday is going to look a lot different this year. Don’t worry though! That doesn’t mean we still can’t get a little spooky!

Streaming services have made it easier than ever to watch what we want on our own time. Better still, we no longer have to do a mad rush to the bathroom between commercials thanks to that beautiful pause button. Curious as what the best horror movies and series are that you can stream right now? I’ve got you covered!

1. The Descent (Amazon Prime Video)

This is one of my all-time favorites for many reasons. First, it bleeds feminism, literally! The cast of six women who go spelunking in their free time get caught up in more than they can handle. There’s claustrophobia, some truly epic jump scares, and pure survival instinct. Oh, there’s some gore too.

2. Hush (Netflix)

This gem is a survival horror movie where two characters standoff against each other. The hunter and the hunted – so to speak. The targetted character, however, cannot hear and must battle not only against a psychopath hellbent on killing her, but she must do so without being able to hear a thing.

3. Pet Semetary (Amazon Prime Video)

This Stephen King remake has a tremendous cast! The entire film also carries an eerie vibe that is perfect for Halloween! If you have ever looked at your cat and wondered if he wanted to kill you, this is a purrfect pick!

4. Anaconda (Netflix)

I don’t care what anybody has to say about this one. It’s one of my favorites! Before the cheesy CGI snakes, this creature-feature used an animatronic work of art that really resonates on screen. Plus, the cast is awesome!

5. Paranormal Activity (Netflix)


It’s true what they say – nothing beats the original. Before they started added hokey storylines, we had the first Paranormal Activity. A low-budget movie packed with ghostly scares.

6. The Conjuring (Netflix)

A family moves into a new house, starts hearing weird shit, hearing weird shit turns violent, and then they must find help. In terms of story, jump scares, and totally creepy “ghosts”, this movie has it all. It also doesn’t hurt that it has a fabulous cast of characters.

7. Carrie (Amazon Prime Video)


The original, in my opinion, is better than the remake and I’m not a movie snob who says that often, (I like my modern-day effects). A bullied teen, a religiously-suffocating mother, and some unchecked abilities make for a great movie!

8. Creep (Netflix)

I watched this one out of complete boredom and lack of options but it surprised me, in a good way. It’s of the “found footage” variety and it’s done right! If you’re looking for something creepy as hell without all the gore porn, this is a top-notch pick!

9. Halloween (Netflix)

I’m a huge Jamie Lee Curtis fan. She’s an original scream queen and I’m not just referring to the series, (even though she was fantastic as Dean Munch). Released back in 2018, the franchise is still going strong.

10. Shutter Island (Netflix)

Leonardo Dicaprio. Directed by Scorsese. Psychological thriller. Need I even say more?

11. 30 Days of Night (Amazon Prime Video)

Want a vampire movie that’s actually a horror film? This is one of the best. Set in Alaska during their 30 day period of total night, with a cool cast, vampires that are actually pretty terrifying, and a real plot – this one is a winner!

12. The Shining (Netflix)


This absolute classic is always on my watch-list around Halloween. The Overlook Hotel is legendary, as is Jack Nicholson’s performance. REDRUM!

13. 47 Meters Down: Uncaged (Amazon Prime Video)

Creature-features are always a fun addition to a Halloween watch fest. And, what’s better than some sharks? Well, cave sharks, of course!

14. The Babysitter (Netflix)

This one is more fun than scary but it’s pretty cool. The cast is fun, the surprises are interesting and it’s definitely not your typical “Halloween Babysitter” movie.

15. The Houses October Built (Amazon Prime Video)

I just noticed that there’s a sequel to this but I haven’t watched it yet, (it’s on the list). The first film, of the found-footage variety, takes you on a road trip with friends to find the scariest “haunt” they can. It has a realistic group of friends and that one friend who is always willing to take things a bit too far.

16. Jeepers Creepers (HBO Max)

Jeepers, creepers, where’d you get those peepers? The second one is on there too but nothing beats the first one. A brother and a sister headed home encounter a unique evil. It falls under the creature-feature category for sure but once you see “the creeper”, you’ll understand that it’s a bit different from others in its sub-genre.

17. The Exorcism of Emily Rose (Netflix)

It couldn’t be a true Halloween movie list if there wasn’t at least one possession movie. This one is loosely based on a true story and has some of the best exorcism scenes I’ve seen since…well, The Exorcist.

18. Doctor Sleep (HBO Max)


If you haven’t seen this and you like horror, I recommend you watch it immediately. Better yet, read the book first! It’s the long-awaited sequel to The Shining where we get to see Danny Torrence all grown up. There’s a threat looming for those who shine and Torrence makes a new friend he is determined to protect.

19. The Sixth Sense (Netflix)

There’s one scene in this movie that always gets me – no matter how many times I’ve watched it! Bruce Willis is excellent in this film as a child psychologist assigned to a new case. You know the kid – he sees dead people.

20. Wish Upon (Amazon Prime Video)

Dad gifts daughter with a music box. Music box grants wishes but there’s a twist. The wishes don’t go as planned. It’s a play on Wishmaster, (also available on Prime), with a much more modern tone.

21. The Cabin in the Woods (Netflix)


I love the cast! I love the plot! Imagine if all of our worst nightmares are locked away somewhere and have a purpose. This movie explores that idea in a fun, creepy way. This is an excellent October horror pick!

22. The Amityville Horror (Amazon Prime Video)

Ryan Reynolds, shirtless, swinging an ax. Want jump scares? Turn off the lights and grab some snacks for this classic remake.

23. The Hills have Eyes (HBO Max)

A family on a road trip to California takes a shortcut through the desert. What could possibly go wrong? This is another one of my favorites. You root so hard for the members of the family and the one who fights back the hardest really surprises you.

24. Unfriended (Netflix)

I like this one because it mixes technology and horror – two of my favorite things. While it may not seem appealing at first, this horror movie really has a way of sucking you in. Seriously, give it a try.

25. Constantine (HBO Max)

I’m a huge fan of Keanu Reeves and absolutely love him as John Constantine, a complex, cynical guy who has his own methods of dealing with supernatural threats.

26. American Psycho (Netflix)

Okay, so the scene above is edited, but I couldn’t help but share it. Owlkitty is one of my favorite YouTube Channels. Anyway, American Psycho is another classic. There are so many iconic scenes in this horror movie, it would take forever to list them all.

27. The Invisble Man (HBO Max)

This movie had a lot of mixed reviews and I’m not even sure that I would label it as horror but it’s pretty damn creepy. I love Elizabeth Moss and I dig the entire concept of the movie. It reminds me a lot of Hollow Man, but with better graphics. Even some of the scenes are eerily similar. Either way, it’s worth a watch and you’ll be significantly creeped out.

28. Sinister (Netflix)

A writer moves into the house, with his family, where another family was murdered because he thinks that will help him…write the book better? As a writer, it certainly wouldn’t be the approach I would take but each to their own. So, he finds some snuff films and decides to give them a watch. After that, shit hits the fan. It’s a solid horror movie. The 2nd one is also on Netflix.

29. Turistas (HBO Max)

Another favorite of mine is this horror movie with some pretty cool actors. It’s survival horror at its best!

30. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Amazon Prime Video)


A girl inherits a house so she and her friends take off to check it out. The dude hands her a letter written to her by her aunt that he tells her she needs to read. Of course, in true horror movie fashion, she ignores him.

31. Insidious (Netflix)

If you’ve seen this, you know that scene. Pretty freaking creepy. It also has an A+ cast and a pretty good storyline. Demons, the afterlife, a cool medium, and a curious kid all make for a stellar horror movie.

32. Evil (SERIES – Netflix)

I had to add this because I just finished it last night and was truly impressed. Plus, there aren’t a lot of possession-type horror movies on this list. This series follows David Acosta, (an aspiring priest), and his team as they investigate supernatural cases – usually involving possession.

The characters are all wonderful – especially Ben! And, it does have that old school “exorcist” vibe while being set in the modern world, infusing technology into the storyline.

33. Would You Rather? (Netflix)

Totally underrated and under-watched horror film. I recommend it all the time. Basically, a rich dude gets people in need of cash to come to his house to play his own twisted version of Would you Rather? 

34. Annabelle Comes Home (HBO Max)


If you like any of the Annabelle movies, chances are, you’ll like this one too. There’s just something about that damn doll…

It freaks me out every time.

35. Friend Request (Netflix)

It’s unlikely you’re going to find this recommendation on many other horror movie lists but I added it to this one because I think it’s worth a watch. Again, I really dig adding technology into horror movies. We’ve all gotten a strange friend request online before!

36. Lights Out (HBO Max)

This one is great if you love jump scares. I think I jumped a good five or six times the first time I watched this one which is a pretty high number for me.

37. The Autopsy of Jane Doe (Netflix)

This one is very unsettling and it worked well. A father and son team of coroners in a small town perform an autopsy that is anything but routine. The entire vibe of this one screams horror in all the right ways.

38. The Conjuring 2 (HBO Max)

Depending on who you talk to, some consider this to be their favorite of the Conjuring universe. I favor the first one but this one is pretty scary too.

39. American Horror Story (SERIES – Netflix)


If I’m not mistaken, some seasons are also available on PRIME. If you’re into watching a horror-themed series to get to pumped for Halloween, there are few better picks than this, (depending on the season.)

Murder House and Coven are my favorites but Freakshow is definitely worth a watch too! I guess it depends on which type of horror vibe you’re going for.

40. The Forest (Netflix)

A lot of people didn’t really enjoy this one but I actually did. Maybe it’s because I adore Natalie Dormer, I can’t be sure. Either way, the main character goes to Japan’s “suicide forest” to track down her sister. I liked the story and thought it was a solid B horror movie.

41. Gothika (HBO Max)

I may be biased about this one because my husband and I had our first date to see this movie in theaters all the way back in 2003. It still stands as a solid horror movie today with an actual plot, good characters, and some nice scares along the way.

42. 13 Sins (Netflix)

If you like horror movies where the main character is likable but makes a hell of a lot of dumb choices, this one is pretty good. I guess it’s one of those hidden gems that you don’t hear a lot about. A regular dude down on his luck and in serious need of some extra cash gets a weird phone call asking him to kill a fly and then eat it. Money is immediately transferred into his account. The requests get more heinous as the “game” progresses.

43. The Darkness (Netflix)

I love Kevin Bacon so it’s not surprising that I really enjoy this horror movie. After a trip to the desert, a couple’s son brings back some stones he found. The stones have some pretty serious bad juju.

44. The Wicked (Amazon Prime Video)

This low-budget find was one of those ones I clicked on anticipating taking a nap. Since it didn’t make me fall asleep, I felt like I should add it. It involves a legend of tossing a rock at a creepy-ass house in the middle of the woods. If you break a window, “the wicked” will get ya.


Horror to Stream, just in time for Halloween


Since going out for Halloween this year is limited, I figured a lot of people probably want some good horror movies to stream. I hope you find something that strikes your horror fancy and gives you some genuine scares! Stay spooky, nerds!

Let me know which ones you’ve seen or if there are any you would add in the comments!

Krissy October is a professional freelance writer, aspiring novelist and knowledge nerd who is dedicated to consistent self-improvement and finding clever ways to solve everyday problems.

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  1. Love this list…love horror films. The Shining is awesome and so is the Conjuring. They’re all great.

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