14 Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think

We all have those moments where we feel like everything is falling apart. Some of us have those moments more than others. The truth is, most of us are far too hard on ourselves. I’ve talked to a lot of people about this topic and the more people I talked to, the more I realized that most of these people are way more put together than they think they are.

If you feel like you need a boost or a sign that your life is more put together than you think – here are 14 signs that you’re doing much better than you think at this whole ‘life’ thing.

1. You’re not the same as you were a year ago

Growth is important. We all need to grow as people and a lot of the time, that comes with a hefty amount of change. If you notice obvious, positive change in your life and yourself from a year earlier – you’re doing a lot better than you think.

Ask Yourself These Questions To See How Far You’ve Come in a Year: 

  • What have I learned this past year?
  • What positive changes have I made to my lifestyle?
  • Do I handle disputes better than I did a year ago?
  • What goals have I accomplished this past year?

2. You’re Working Towards a Goal

If you have goals, you’re doing better than you think you are and probably a lot better than most! Consistently working towards something is a sign that you don’t plan to run in place when it comes to this game called ‘life.’ You want to advance. You want to level up.

Bonus points if you have an action plan to achieve that goal.

3. You have Close, Meaningful Relationships

Truly meaningful relationships are hard to come by. There are a lot of ‘surface-level’ relationships out there that just aren’t that meaningful. But, if you have close friends that you can really have those deep talks with – you’re a lot more fortunate than you think.

Quick Thoughts on Analyzing Your Meaningful Relationships:

  • Are you able to talk about a variety of topics?
  • Is there a mutual interest in each others’ lives?
  • Does time pass quickly when you’re spending time together?
  • Do you value their advice? Do they value yours?
  • Have you learned something from this person? Have they learned something from you?

4. Smiles & Laughter are Daily

Never take those randoms smiles for granted. The laugher either. If you find yourself smiling and laughing daily, you’re in a good place. Be thankful!

5. You Have Learned From Past Mistakes

Learning from our mistakes is one of the most significant ways we can grow as people. If you have learned from the mistakes you’ve made, you’re ahead of the curve.

6. You Take Good Care of Yourself

Hard facts: some people just don’t take care of themselves. They eat poorly, neglect exercise, and generally don’t focus on their wellbeing. This is not only incredibly sad, it’s incredibly unhealthy.

If you are taking the time to take care of yourself – body, mind, and spirit – you’re doing great!

7. You’re Able to Make Time for Fun

We all have different interests and different activities that we deem ‘fun.’ For a lot of us, things like traveling, eating out, seeing live music, and spending time in the great outdoors constitutes as a good time. If you have the luxury of doing these types of activities, you’re in a pretty good place.

Making time for certain fun activities is going to take money and planning. Some don’t have that luxury. If you do, trust me – you’re doing a lot better than you think you are. 

8. You Have a Positive Mindset

Being in control of your mindset is one of the single most important things you can focus on. Mindset, and vibes, (as I always say), are literally everything.

If you are able to maintain a positive mindset, you are already doing what so many people wish they could. Honestly, a positive mindset is so powerful! It can change your life for the better in so many ways.

9. You’re Fully Aware of what Doesn’t Work for You

Knowing what we like is one thing but definitively knowing what you don’t like or want in many ways, is more significant.

10. You’re Not Afraid to Ask Questions or to Question Yourself

Asking questions is paramount to learning. You cannot grow without learning. If you find that you’re able to ask questions, regardless of your pride, your eons ahead of many people. Better still, if you’re able to question yourself – you’re on a great track!

11. You Hold Yourself Accountable

So many people love to blame their problems on other people or circumstances. If you hold yourself accountable for what is wrong in your life, you’re doing really, really well.

Without personal accountability, we cannot grow. If you’ve got it, you’re golden!

12. You have a Space of Your Own

If you have a space to call your own, whether it be an apartment, a home, a room, and so on, you’re doing well for yourself.

13. You’re Able to Shake off the Small Sh*t

There was a time when the little things would really get to me. A person could make a rude comment and BAM, my day was shot. These days, I don’t sweat the small shit. If you are able to shake off those little inconveniences, you’re doing good!

14. You Strive to be Better

One of the most important aspects of self-improvement is constantly striving to be better. This can mean you focus on learning new things, achieving goals, being more compassionate, snagging that promotion, spending more quality time with friends and family, trying new things, and so on.

Anything you’re doing that is helping you become a better person is hugely important! If you have that ‘need’ to be better, you’re doing quite well! Wanting to get there is half the battle!

Trust me, you’re doing a lot better than you think you are.

It can be easy for us to look at all we don’t have or see all that we aren’t doing. The truth is that we often neglect all the things we do have and that we are doing. While sometimes it can feel like we aren’t doing as well as we feel we should – we are still doing a lot better than we think we are!

What have you done to grow this past year? Are you focusing on a certain area of self-improvement? Let me know in the comments. And, as always, keep improving, nerds 🙂

Much Love,



Krissy October is a professional freelance writer, aspiring novelist and knowledge nerd who is dedicated to consistent self-improvement and finding clever ways to solve everyday problems.


  1. Such an encouraging post! Thank you!!

  2. This is a great list. Sometimes, all we need is to remember the small things that we take for granted to realize what we have. Thanks for the post!

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