Why We Need to Respect Each Other in a Relationship

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Without respect, love cannot go far or rise high: it is an angel with only one wing. — Alexandre Dumas.

What do love and respect have in common? Why does love go away over the years and relationships break up? There are a lot of reasons, and you know them. But have you ever thought about the importance of respect for your loved one?

Many people do not consider respect to be important in a relationship. But a large number of couples break up because a woman ceases to respect a man. Emotionality, weakness, and infantilism of the partner no longer cause her respect. Although, despite all the disadvantages of a man, a woman can be gently attached to him.

One of the greatest evils in a relationship is disrespect for each other. Basically, most people build families just for love, but almost no one takes into account the importance of respect. However, a respectful attitude helps to preserve love for a long time.

What is respect, and how does it affect love?

Love is a pleasant feeling, deep affection, and strong sympathy for another person. Love does not imply distance. Loving couples believe that they are together for life.

Respect is the attitude of one person towards another, the recognition of their merits and personal space. Respect involves such qualities as equality of rights, fairness, attention to the convictions and interests of another person, as well as their trust and freedom.

To respect a person means not to interfere in the personal life of a loved one – not to check the messages on their phone or try to learn everything about their personal life on social networks. This is the ability to take a loved one as they are, as a separate person who does not belong to you. This is a respect for their relatives and friends, even if you do not like them very much.

Each culture has its own thoughts of respect:

• In the Eastern families, a woman respects a man just since he is a man; she was brought up so – to respect the representatives of the stronger sex and older people.

• In India, the respect of a woman is expressed when she washes her man’s feet.

• In Egypt, to appear in front of the husband unseemly in appearance – in a shabby robe and with unbrushed hair – is a signal of disrespect. The worst offense in such a family, after which a man has the right to kick his wife out of the house, is to say to him that he does not provide for the family. Thus, the woman throws his manliness into question.

• In the European family, respect for each other is manifested in the understanding of equality.

In the modern world, many relationships are based on the equality of men and women. Each partner respects the wishes and dreams of each other, and it allows them to create a strong relationship. Moreover, there are some useful relationship rules for couples than can help people in love to strengthen their relationships.

Respect for a man is expressed in the fact that a woman:

• recognizes the authority of a loved one and considers him to be the head of the family;

• recognizes his intelligence, dignity, and talents;

• recognizes his physical and sexual strength;

• is proud of his merits;

• encourages the hobbies of her man.

It is important for a woman to know how to listen and hear her chosen one in order to avoid misunderstandings. Recognition of the talents of a beloved man and moral support in difficult situations allow a woman to create a cozy and favorable atmosphere in the family.

Respect for a woman is expressed in the fact that a man:

• recognizes that a woman is a separate person;

• consider her to be the most attractive and sexy;

• understands that her work requires respect, and it applies not only to her work but also to the housework.

A man should learn to listen to the opinion of his woman and take it into account. It is not possible to get respect in a relationship without mutual understanding, so the dominant “males” should compromise with their own preferences and principles. Sincere love and the ability to listen to his woman do not allow relationships to exhaust themselves. The main thing is to really want to fix a relationship with a partner, preventing conflicts and stressful situations in the family. Otherwise, the result of mutual resentment will be a break in relations.

Respect in the family should be manifested in everyday things, indicating the existence of mutual understanding between lovers. A help in domestic affairs and moral support in difficult times, a joint search for a compromise solution or a noble act for the sake of a loved one – we can show respectful attitude to a loved one in various ways. The main thing is to take into account the opinion and preferences of the person with whom you share joy and grief. Respect each other, and you will be happy!

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