Things to be Grateful For that we often Overlook

Sometimes, life can get hectic and we end up focusing on the negative aspects of our lives instead of being grateful for what we already have. Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I think it’s important to focus on the good in our lives. When we play the comparison game – something we all do, (at times) – it’s easy to have thoughts like, “I wish I had more money”, or “I wish I had what so-and-so has.” Practicing gratitude and being thankful for the positive aspects of our lives is paramount to feeling fulfilled and happy.

Here are some things we should all be grateful for this Thanksgiving, (and year round):

The Good People in Our Lives

Even if your circle is small, (whether the circle be friends, family ect), we all have good people in our lives. Do we tend to take them for granted from time to time? Probably.

There are some really awful people out there in the world so it’s crucial to be grateful for the good people in our lives. Think about the people who are there for you, the ones you have a great time with, the ones who have taught you something – anyone who has had a positive impact on your life. Be thankful for them 🙂

And, ALWAYS be grateful for excellent conversation!

Good Health

It’s so easy for us to forget that there are people out there struggling with poor health. Personally, living with an anxiety disorder, it can be difficult to remember that my body is healthy, (even when my mind likes to make me believe its not).

Overall good health is something that none of us should take for granted. Be grateful for your health and the good health of loved ones 🙂

Your Person

“Your person” AKA your significant other, is a person you should be thankful for daily. Don’t forget to show them how much they mean to you.

And, for those of you who haven’t yet found “your person”, they’re out there. Have hope <3

The Mistakes you made this year, and in the past

YES – mistakes can be a positive thing. You learned something from them! Be grateful for the mistakes you made this year and the learning experience they provided.

Your Bed

I know it might sound a little corny, but be thankful for your bed. Sleep is a magical thing 🙂

Small Acts of Kindness

Isn’t is great when your hands are full and a stranger holds the door for you? What about those times you’re running late, having the worst hair day ever and the person in front of you buys your morning coffee?

Think back to all those kind words or compliments you’ve received this year. It can be easy to overlook these small acts of kindness, but if you really stop to think about it – they’re pretty great.

Small Victories

We tend to always focus on the end goal but tend to overlook the small victories. I hate to say it, (but it’s so true) – but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Think of the “brick by brick” ideology. Look back and reflect on all your small victories – those “bricks” you’ve been placing in order to achieve the end goal.

Celebrate & be grateful for those small victories. Every brick, (every step – however small) matters!

All your Comforts

In addition to your bed, be grateful for all your comforts. There are people out there who are sleeping on the cold ground. Be thankful for that fuzzy blanket, that cozy couch, that comfy desk chair and that pair of sweatpants that you love chilling out in.

All these little comforts tend to be overlooked. Be grateful for them. Not everyone has that.

New Music that speaks to you

Music is a huge part of my life. Most of the time, when I’m writing or doing anything productive – I have music playing. Be thankful for that new song you listened to that seemed to portray exactly what you’re feeling.

Music is a huge part of our lives, so it’s easy to neglect how grateful we should be for it.


Furry friends are literally the best! Even if you don’t have one – be grateful for all those cute animal videos you’ve come across this past year. There’s nothing like an animal doing something adorable to brighten up a bad day.

Here’s a favorite YouTube video of mine:

Money in the Bank

Even if you haven’t met your “savings goal” this year, be thankful for the money you have. Other’s don’t – some don’t have any.


Whether you recently cracked up over something you watched or a joke your friend told you – be thankful for all the laughter you experience! Laughter will add years to your life and there’s nothing like having one of those laughs with friends where your stomach hurts after.

Be grateful for laughter 🙂

Great Reads

I’ve read so many books this year and many of them were awesome. Be grateful not only that you discovered these amazing books – but also that you can read. Some can’t.

Ever read a book and the plot just sticks with you? Be grateful for those great reads 🙂

The wonder of all 5 Senses

Your senses are probably the #1 thing you (we all) take for granted. Think of all the beautiful things you’ve seen this year. What about all those sounds you’ve heard? Think of something you touched that felt amazing. Tasting something for the first time can be either wonderful or awful but, a new taste is something to be grateful for. How about the fantastic scent of a new recipe you made this year?

Be grateful for the joy of getting to experience all 5 senses.

Lazy Days

Be grateful for those you just got to “be.” The days where you binge-watched something great, or the ones where you really treated yourself. Some people don’t get to have those, so be thankful for the all-day-sweatpants days.

All the Ups & Downs

Emotions can be intense but be thankful that you feel them. Even pain makes us stronger in the long run.

Be grateful for both the ups and the downs. The spectrum of emotions – feeling everything – is something to be grateful for.

The Feeling you get after a really good workout

You know when you’ve finished working out and you’re sore as hell but it kind of feels good? Be grateful for that 🙂

Amazon Prime

There’s no better feeling than finding those packages on your door – even if you impulsed purchased a piece of clothing you’ll probably never wear, (guilty).

All Your Night’s Out

Whether you have nights out with friends or your significant other – be grateful those nights out.


There are people who know true hunger. Be grateful for FOOD – for new food, for old favorites – hell, even be thankful for that recipe you screwed up horribly. Food is amazing and often overlooked as something to be grateful for.

Finding the Perfect Pen

If you write, (anything), you know how awesome it is to find THE pen that just flows.

30 More Little Things to be Grateful for:

  1. Good Hair Days
  2. A day where you totally nailed your makeup
  3. That new beauty product that you’re obsessed with
  4. Colorful sunsets
  5. Pictures of Good Times
  6. Something new you learned
  7. Compassion
  8. Technology (It’s the best)
  9. Adult Friendships
  10. That 1st cup of coffee in the morning
  11. Vacations
  12. Home Decorating
  13. Long Baths
  14. A great mixed drink or new craft beer
  15. Sunglasses
  16. That time you got to act like a kid again this year 🙂
  17. Silly, (somethings brutally honest) stuff kids say
  18. Game Nights
  19. The smell of freshly washed sheets
  20. All the Love in your life
  21. Art
  22. Flowers
  23. A new quote you found
  24. Meal Cheat Days
  25. Doing just 10 more minutes during an intense workout
  26. Red Dead Redemption 2 (Freaking amazing game)
  27. A new movie you loved
  28. A problem you solved
  29. Something you fixed by yourself
  30. Making it through a tough day like a boss


Be Grateful for YOURSELF

Another highly overlooked element of life we take for granted is ourselves. Be thankful that you’re you, that you’re living how you want to live. Be thankful for yourself 🙂

Nobody else is you, and that’s special. So be grateful for that.

Happy Thanksgiving:

I hope each and every one you have a fantastic Thanksgiving and that you remember how much you truly have to be grateful for. There is so much to be thankful for. I hope everyone enjoys the time they get to spend with their family and the great deals I hope you all snag on Black Friday & Cyber Monday 🙂

Treasure your time together & be grateful for everything – but especially for the small stuff that we so often overlook.

Much Love <3

Krissy October is a professional freelance writer, aspiring novelist and knowledge nerd who is dedicated to consistent self-improvement and finding clever ways to solve everyday problems.

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