11 Ways to Improve Mental Health

We all want to be mentally strong. Mental health issues are a far larger problem than most people realize. Even if you don’t struggle from any mental health issues, it’s still important to keep yourself mentally strong, (to avoid any mental health issues in the future and just to improve brain functionality). Here are some great ways to improve your mental health, (or keep it maintained & strong):

1. Take Good Care of your Body

A healthy body = a healthy mind. Exercise, eating right and maintaining physical fitness will keep you mentally strong. Even if you don’t feel like hitting the gym, here are some other ideas to keep yourself physically active:

  • Yoga/Pilates (There are a ton of at-home workouts on Youtube. Simply search: Pilates workout or Yoga Workout).
  • Hiking/Walking/Biking
  • Taking your Pet for a walk
  • Dancing 🙂
  • Swimming/Kayaking/Water Sports

Remember to always take a multivitamin, eat as healthy as possible and keep your body moving! Physical health attributes so much to mental health.

2. Keep a Great “Tribe”

Don’t surround yourself with the dreaded “Negative Nacy’s” of the world. Keep good, positive people in your group. Maintain close relationships that are important to you and those that negatively effect you should be eliminated from your life.

Find your “tribe”, never take them for granted and keep them close. Check in on each other, encourage each other and just have people in your life you know would be there in times of crisis.

Healthy, strong relationships vastly improve mental health.

3. Make time for Leisure

We all need a break from time to time. It’s a great way to have a “mental reboot” and indulge in some much needed fun and relaxation. Take that trip. Get out there in nature. Explore your own city as if you were a tourist. Make time for leisure activities. They are good for all of us. Self Care and leisure should be a priority in your life. It will reduce stress, thereby improving your mental health.

4. Sleep should ALWAYS be a priority

You won’t function at your best if you’re not rested. Always make sleep a priority in your life. 8-10 hours a night is recommended. And hey, if you’re one of those people who can pull off “power naps” during the day, by all means – do it! Sleep is highly important to mental health and overall physical health as well. Click the banner above to receive a free trial of RestUp – a sleep aid. 

5. Spend some time with an animal friend

Pets offer us so much. There have actually been studies that have proven that people who have pets, (particularly dogs), live longer than those who don’t. Spend time with your dogs, cats or whatever pet you have, (or a friend’s pet if you don’t have one). Furry friends have a fabulous way of making us forget all our problems and instead focus on their undeniable cuteness. 🙂
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6. Experiment: Try new Things

It’s healthy for us to get out of our usual routine from time to time and try new things. You never know, you may stumble upon a hobby you love or a new form of entertainment you never thought you’d love in a million years. Always trying new activities is a great way to stimulate our minds and keep us entertained and satisfied.

7. Let go of past Grudges

Trust me, I know this can be hard. I used to hold grudges like I was getting paid for it. It just wasn’t healthy. Holding on to anger isn’t hurting anyone but you. Learn to forgive and let shit go. The past is behind you. Move forward and let those grudges go. You’ll be mentally happier and stronger when you’re able to leave the past behind you and forgive those who have hurt or wronged you.

8. Consider Therapy

There is no shame in talking with a professional if you’re struggling to deal with something in your life or are simply have some issues regarding mental health. In fact, more and more people are going to therapy simply to keep their minds as healthy as possible.


Music is a fantastic mood booster! Seriously, listen to music you love as often as you can. It will keep you in a good mood – thus, improving your mental health.

10. Keep a Journal

I talk about keeping a journal a lot because, if you’re not willing to talk about things that are bothering you – there is no better alternative than writing them down. It allows you to express how you’re feeling and basically get it out of your system. Keeping a journal is excellent for anyone’s mental health. (Remember – nobody has to read it).

11. Develop a Passion – or multiple ones

Find things you are passionate about and incorporate them into your life. Hobbies are excellent for our mental health as it gives us tasks to focus on and goals to complete. Being passionate about a cause, an activity or really, anything can be one of the best ways to improve your mental health.

If you’re stumped on what sorts of hobbies can lead you to that passion, here are some ideas:

    • Painting/sketching
    • Hiking/Biking
    • Volunteer work (animal shelters, homeless shelters, nursing homes, ect.)
    • Writing/Journaling
    • Scrapbooking
    • Photography
    • Cooking
    • Carpentry
    • Reading
    • Fishing
    • Swimming
    • Crafting

Those are just to name a few. Hobbies are a great way to relax and do something you love. They can also point you towards your passion. Passions and hobbies can increase our mental health.

Final Thoughts:

Keeping your mental health as strong as possible will eliminate problems down the road. It will help you be more productive and happier. Always make your mental health a priority and you’ll find that you have stronger willpower, as well as an overall happier life.

Do you have any ways you keep yourself mentally strong? Let me know in the comments. Please share to help others find ways to improve their mental health 🙂 .

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed physician or mental health professional and have simply sited activities that have worked for me and others I know. This article may also contain affiliate links that allow me to keep writing these articles. Don’t worry – I would never recommend anything I haven’t personally tried and vetted. 



Krissy October is a professional freelance writer, aspiring novelist and knowledge nerd who is dedicated to consistent self-improvement and finding clever ways to solve everyday problems.

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