Ultimate DIY Facial

Giving yourself a complete DIY facial doesn’t take as much effort as you might think. Sometimes, the idea of paying a lot of cash for facial simply makes no sense. They can be pretty pricey, (depending on where you go and what you want). Either way, there is a way to do it yourself at home. It’s not only great for your skin, it can be relaxing – making it a wonderful self care activity.

The ultimate DIY facial has simple steps and can be done by anyone. Here is the ultimate DIY facial:

1. Remove all Make-up

Using make-up removal wipes, or simply washing your face – remove all your makeup. This will allow the facial to deeply penetrate your pores later on. Make sure your face is makeup free. Below are my favorite makeup remover wipes:

2. Boil some water

I like to add Green Tea bags into the boiling water also. The green tea will add extra detox power to your steam 🙂 .

3. Pour Hot water into a large bowl

4. Using a Towel (Steam Face)

*Make sure the steam isn’t too hot before doing this. 

Wrap the towel over your head (& around bowl) and hover over the steam coming from the bowl for around 10 minutes, (or as long as you can handle it).

This will open up your pores, allowing whatever mask you use to really get in those pores and work its magic.

5. Apply Face Mask

I like to use Freeman masks or create my own DIY concoction. Whatever you use, pat your face dry from the steam & apply your face mask. Let it sit on your face for the allotted time. Below are my favorite masks:

6. Rinse off mask & use an Astringent

Remove the facial mask of your choosing and then use an astringent on your skin. Honestly, witch hazel is one of the best astringents. It’s cheap & works great. Apply it to a cotton ball and apply to face. Below is my personal favorite witch hazel, but any will do:

7. Apply Ample Moisturizer

The final step is apply ample moisturizer to your face and neck. Use ample moisturizer! Personally, I’m a huge fan of St. Ive’s Timeless Skin but I do use other moisturizers. Depending on your preference, always apply moisturizer after giving yourself a facial!

There you have it – the Ultimate DIY Facial. 🙂

I try to do this once a week. It will reduce the size of your pores, prevent discoloration & acne and leave your skin feeling smooth and awesome. It sure beats the hell out of going to the spa and paying $35+ to have someone else do the same thing.

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Krissy October is a professional freelance writer, aspiring novelist and knowledge nerd who is dedicated to consistent self-improvement and finding clever ways to solve everyday problems.

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