9 Fun Ways to Stay Active

Besides hitting the gym, there are lots of ways to stay active, (especially in the summer). It’s awesome to be able to mix up the ways you stay active, especially when you throw some fun activities in your routine.

As we all know, staying active is hugely important. It’s been said that “sitting is the new smoking.” Lots of people do lead more sedentary lives due to the kind of work they do and all the television and media we consume, (lots of times while on our asses, on the couch). Being sedentary can be so detrimental to your health!

It’s recommended that every person get 10,000 steps a day but few of us ever hit that mark daily. To get your body moving to stay healthy, think about trying these fun ways to stay active:

1. Take a Bike Ride

One of the best purchases I made this spring, was a bicycle. I’d completely forgotten how fun it is to just simply go on a bike ride, (and it beats the hell out of cycling in the gym). No matter where you live, I’m sure if you looked, you’ll be able to find a trail perfect for taking a bike ride. My guy and I have been exploring “The Montour Trail” in PA and it’s beautiful. You’re outside. You’re moving and you’re burning calories. AND, it’s actually FUN.

And, the best part – fall, spring and summer can all be excellent times to head out on your bike and spend some time outdoors – while being active. 🙂

2. Swimming

Swimming is one of the best full-body workouts there is. You’re using all your muscles and burning a lot of calories. And, again – it’s fun. During the winter months, get a membership to an indoor pool where you can do laps.

Luckily, in the summer there are many places you can go swimming. Creeks, lakes, the beach, and, of course, a swimming pool owned by relatives, (yourself) or even a local, public pool.

Check out a water park or plan a day to just hang out in the sun, by a swimming pool. You’d be surprised how much you’re actually exercising while swimming, (even when you’re not doing laps).

3. Hiking

Hiking can be a great time. There are almost endless places you can go hiking no matter where you live. It’s so refreshing to take in the natural beauty of nature, and, you’ll probably get to see some cute critters on your journey.

4. Play some Tennis

Challenge a friend or your partner to a game of tennis. This is one sport that really gets you moving. I’m terrible at tennis but always have fun when playing it, (even though, I usually lose horribly).

5. Dance Workouts

There are TONS of these available on YouTube and they can be a great time! You can either participate in these alone or ask a partner or friend to join you. Just search “Dance Workouts” on YouTube and find one that works for you.

6. Water Sports

I love being out on the water. There are lots of opportunities to be active there too that are really fun. Here are some examples of the fun activities you can do out on the water this summer:

  • Wake Boarding (I cannot seem to get on my feet with this one but even just the attempt left my arms sore for days!)
  • Skiing
  • Canoeing
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Kayaking
  • Wind Surfing

7. Go Exploring

If you were to get on Pinterest and search “Secret Swimming spots”, or “Scenic places” in (your city) – you’ll probably be shocked at everything that pops up. There are scenic gems hidden all around the country. Find one and go exploring. You’ll get to be outside, getting those steps up, while seeing something possibly amazing.

8. Play Outdoor Games

Most of these can also apply indoors in the winter months at certain gyms and locations. Besides tennis, there are many other games you can play outdoors. Unlock your inner child and have a water balloon fight or even a water gun fight. They’ll keep you active while having a blast. Here are some more examples of outdoor/indoor games even adults can participate in:

  • Paintball (Wear protective gear! You seriously don’t want to take a paintball to the eye).
  • Basketball
  • Kickball
  • Create a Slip-and-Slide & make a game of it
  • Volleyball

9. Take a Walk

Feel like you haven’t really moved all day? Take a walk around the neighborhood. Walking is highly underrated in terms of how healthy it is for you, (as I’ve learned from wearing my FitBit & seeing the immense drop in my resting heart rate after I became committed to exercise).

Take a walk alone or with your partner during the sunset. Walking is exercise, (contrary to popular belief). The more you walk/move – the healthier you are.

Even more Fun Ways to Stay Active:

  • Jump on a Trampoline
  • Go RollerBlading
  • Visit a Farmer’s Market and walk around all day
  • Take a chance and go Rock Climbing
  • Give Skateboarding a Try

Final Thoughts:

Take advantage of all the fun activities you can do in the summertime outdoors. If you’re moving your body – you’re staying active. Get creative and never believe that you’re “too old for something.” Have fun and stay active this summer!

Always keep in mind that staying active keeps you healthy. Don’t be afraid to try new things, (especially during the summer). I look like a fool on a skateboard, but I’ve given it a whirl. Do anything and everything you can to keep active but don’t forget to throw in fun activities.

Have a safe, wonderful summer, everyone!

Much Love <3


Krissy October is a professional freelance writer, aspiring novelist and knowledge nerd who is dedicated to consistent self-improvement and finding clever ways to solve everyday problems.

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