11 Productivity Tips

We can always be more productive. Time-wasters and procrastination are the ultimate enemy of productivity. Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you didn’t really accomplish anything? Well, we all have. Here are some great productivity tips to help you get more done every single day:

1. Utilize a Planner

A planner is one of the best productivity tools you can have, in my opinion. I prefer a physical planner but a mobile planner app works great for many people too. It’s all about your preference. Making a list of what you need to/want to accomplish daily is an excellent way to ensure you get more done. (& crossing off those to-do’s is a wonderful feeling). Top Tips to use a planner for maximum productivity: 

  • Write out your goals/to-do’s for the week on Sunday Night. (The basics).
  • Every night, you can look at your next day and add things you realize you want to do the night before.
  • Check your planner throughout the day to ensure you’re staying on track.

2. Set Specific Times for Tasks

For example, I like to check my email as soon as I wake up and then two more times, (in the afternoon and at night). Set specific times to get certain things done.

3. Have a Morning Ritual

Set a specific “Morning Ritual”, or tasks you do in the A.M. Here are some examples for you to consider:

  • Stretch
  • Morning Coffee/Tea
  • Quick Exercise
  • Check you to-do list for the day & add to it if necessary
  • Shower & get dressed
  • Affirmations for the day

4. Have a Nightly Ritual

Also implement a nightly ritual. It will help your quality of sleep, thereby improving your productivity during the day.

5. Master Time-Management

Pay attention to the time. Make sure you are using that time to be productive. Set “intervals” in your planner, or specific time periods to complete certain tasks. Try not to multi-task, as that has been proven to decrease overall productivity. 

Here are a few good books about time management: 

6. Have a “Don’t Do” List

List all the “Time-Wasters” in your life. Mine include: Watching TV when I should be working, taking calls mid-day, checking social media and neglecting my planner. Having a “Don’t Do” list will really help you prioritize the most important tasks of the day and hopefully let you neglect all those little distractions that end up being huge time-wasters in the long run.

7. Find Ways to be “Energized”

Having sufficient energy can really heighten your productivity. Always prioritize sleep, (8-10 hours a night is recommended). And, if you’re one of those people who can take “power naps”, utilize that. Being energized during the day will allow you to get a whole lot more done. Here are some of my favorite ways to become energized:

  • My Morning Coffee
  • Pre-Lunch Green Tea & Lemon
  • Nightly Routine
  • Listen to music during the day

8. Turn off your Notifications

This has always been a HUGE distraction for me. Text messages, email alerts, social media alerts and lots of others can become a ridiculous distraction during the day, causing you to get little to nothing done. Mute your cell. You’ll get a lot more done.

9. Take a Break

We all need to recharge. Give yourself some time during the day to just take a break. A lot of people use the “90 minute interval” time management technique. Work for 90 minutes and then give yourself a 10-20 minute break where you can clear your head, do some quick exercise or whatever will help give you a much needed pause during a busy day.

Taking breaks during the day has been proven to make people more productive. Try it out.

10. Get your least favorite tasks out of the way first

Do the dreaded work first so it’s out of the way. It will be a huge relief for the rest of your day if your least favorite tasks aren’t still on your mind. It will relieve stress and allow you to work better, knowing those dreaded tasks are taken care of.

11. Utilize “Time Savers”

Time-savers can include the following:

  • Use Templates!!
  • Lay out clothes the night before
  • Plan Ahead (Meals, exercise times, ect.)


Being productive is important so be sure to find methods that work for you. Find ways to avoid wasting time and make your own “time-savers.”

Do you have any productivity tips that really work for you? Let me know in the comments. Please share & I hope these tips will help you improve your productivity.

Krissy October is a professional freelance writer, aspiring novelist and knowledge nerd who is dedicated to consistent self-improvement and finding clever ways to solve everyday problems.

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