7 Easy Ways to Detox

Man, we build up a lot of nasty stuff in our bodies from the food we eat, to the not-so-cool elements we are exposed to. It is healthy to detox and help your system rid the toxins that don’t belong. Here are some great, easy ways to detox:

1. Sweat it Out

Whether you want to hit to the gym or hit up a sauna, sweating is an excellent way to detox the body. Sweating releases toxins from the body and cardio will get your blood flowing – aiding in detoxification.

2. Drink more Water

Drink more water! Yes, I know, this is being thrown at you in nearly every health-related article you read. Why? Because it’s important. Not only does it keep you hydrated, (allowing your organs to work properly), it also helps flush out toxins via using the restroom. There are SO many benefits to drinking more water. Do it & you’ll feel better overall. 🙂

Ways to make drinking water more tasty & even add a detox boost through the following methods:

  • Infuse with Fruits & Vegetables. Favorite Infused Water Blend: Lemon slices, Mint Leaves & Cucumber slices.
  • Drink Hot Lemon Water in the AM.

3. Dry-Brushing

There are lots of benefits of Dry Brushing. Read about how & why to Dry Brush Here.

4. Detox Baths

Taking a detox bath is an excellent self-care activity that also aids in detoxing. Doing this will also help relieve stress and will leave your skin feeling awesome. This article has more information about Detox baths, including recipes.

5. Cut out Bad Habits

We all have bad habits. Cutting at least SOME of those habits out of your routine will allow your organs to rest and not have to work as hard to DETOX your body. Some bad habits to consider cutting out:

  • Drink Less Alcohol (Love your Liver)
  • Quit Smoking
  • Cut out over-processed foods
  • Fast Food
  • Biting Nails (You touch a lot of gross stuff throughout the day and you’re putting all that bad stuff in your mouth if you chew your nails).
  • Stop drinking Soda
  • Limit Meat consumption

6. Drink Teas &/or Cleansing Beverages

Drinking Tea has a lot of health benefits. I’ll go into more detail in a later article about what teas to drink for various ailments. Green tea is a favorite of mine because not only does it help boost metabolism, it will help your body detox. There are other drinks out there that will aid in detox/cleansing the body. Here are some of them:

  • Kombucha
  • Cleansing drink mixes
  • Water/ Infused Water Blends
  • DIY Homemade Detox Drinks

7. Oil Pulling

I have been oil pulling using coconut oil for quite awhile. I notice a huge difference in how clean my mouth feels and it also helps naturally whiten teeth. There are also detox benefits! I’ll do a more in depth article about the process. It’s super easy and will leave your mouth feeling fantastic. 🙂


Want to really step up your “Detox game”? Try a cleanse or just stick to doing those 7 methods regularly. Think of the body as a machine that needs regular maintenance to work properly. 🙂

Do you have any detox methods that you enjoy? Let me know in the comments! Happy Detoxing & don’t forget to share!

Krissy October is a professional freelance writer, aspiring novelist and knowledge nerd who is dedicated to consistent self-improvement and finding clever ways to solve everyday problems.

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