13 Horror Movies on Netflix You Probably haven’t Seen

There are lots of hidden “diamonds in the rough” on Netflix. The trouble is though – sometimes they simply don’t come to the top of our feeds. As an horror movie addict, I’ll give even the most ridiculous horror movie a try. Because of that, I’ve been through LOTS on Netflix. Some were super lame but then there were those hidden gems that ended up being really good horror movies.

Here are the best of the “hidden” horror movies on Netflix:

Would you Rather

I mention this movie in some other articles as well, because – it simply wasn’t advertised and was a really great movie. It probably makes my top twenty favorite horror movies, easily. A girl with no means of making enough money to care for her brother (who has cancer), accepts an invite to a mysterious dinner party that is anything but what it initially seems. They play a very twisted version of ‘would you rather’ and the winner takes all. (Also, it has a pretty shocking ending).

Creep 1 & 2

I’ve never been a huge fan of movies where the cameraman is part of the film, (holding the camera the entire time). In both of these films, however, it works. We get to meet a super crazy dude. It’s hard to tell what his deal in, until – well, we know. I actually liked the second movie better, (a rarity – especially in horror). Both of these films really surprised me in how interested I became. The title fits the main character perfectly. 😉

The Babadook

This film is a “boogeyman” like flick but takes place in Australia. I went into this film with low hopes and was presently surprised. For any horror lover – this is one of those films you just have to watch and judge for yourself.

The Invitation

This horror movie, again, revolves around a dinner party, (may have to start avoiding those). The characters obviously all have backstories that may have put them at odds with each other. This movie starts out slow but escalates quickly, leaving you never really knowing when to be afraid. Overall, I really liked it. It had a good, suspenseful ‘build up’.

V/H/S (1, 2 & 3)

Yet another set of movies I wasn’t excited to watch, since I knew the cameraman would be part of the movie itself. However, a scene from the first one really stuck with me for some reason – in a very chilling way. I’ll admit that a lot of parts of the films are just “meh”, but when they are good – they are really good. It’s a collection of creepy shorts – all hit or misses. Like I said, I normally don’t even enjoy these kinds of films but these ones have a very “real” element that I think a lot of modern horror lacks – making lots of the shorts pretty damn scary.

Gerald’s Game

This psychological horror flick is one of the finest, presenting the main character with very limited options, in a awful circumstance. It’s also based on a story by Stephen King – and if you read his work, you know just how deep it can go. This film is chilling, suspenseful and will really make you want to take precautions before getting kinky with your spouse away from civilization. There are a lot of haters when it comes to this film and I get the reasons but, as a true lover of all things horror – I found it awesome.


Another surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed. So, a deaf girl proves to be far less of an easy target than the attacker initially believes. I love horror movies where the so-called “final girls” actually make intelligent choices. It’s suspenseful and sucked me in right from the start. A great, hidden gem among horror flicks.

6 Souls

This is an older horror movie that has a great premise. The main character’s dad is desperate to prove that multiple personality disorder exists and he finds the perfect example to show his daughter. The evidence is incredibly compelling to his case but there’s far more to the man that meets the eye. I still think about the ending sometimes…eeek!


A group of paranormal investigators are murdered in a supposedly haunted house and the cops are there to figure out exactly what went down. For a “haunted” type movie, this one is great. As the cops continue to questions the survivor, it flashes back and forth between what happened as the ghost hunters were inside the house.

Other Horror on Netflix that isn’t so hard to find, but worth a watch:

  • Oculus (A mirror as a horror villain is an interesting concept)
  • It Follows (I’ll be honest, it’s not as “amazing” as the critics tell you it is but the premise is VERY unique).
  • The Sixth Sense (A classic)
  • The Conjuring (a personal fave).
  • The Exorcism of Emily Rose (Beware 3:00 AM).
  • Hellraiser (If you open that cube – basically you’re f*cked).
  • Cube (Saw-like maze game)

I will continue to search for hidden horror gems on Netflix and hope you enjoy my recommendations. Stay scared, nerds!

Don’t forget to share and let me know of any other horror finds on Netflix so I can watch, please 🙂 .

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