9 Amazing Free Apps Anyone can Use

These days, our phones are more like a part of our bodies than tech – like an essential piece of clothing. Without them, we can feel naked. With our smartphones, we have a communication device, a camera and access to loads of apps that can not only entertain us but can be useful. These are my favorite, must-have free apps that nearly everyone will have some use for:

1. Dictionary.com App

I use this app everyday! There is a cool feature that gives you a new word everyday, (helpful for anyone wanting to expand their vocabulary – or LEVEL UP). It also doubles as a thesaurus and has a feature that allows you to hear the correct pronunciation of any word.

2. Flipp

If you’re like me, you’re completely over paper ads, (unless they contain coupons, of course). Don’t waste your time going through them anymore. Flipp puts them all at your fingertips. The best part – you can click on the deal you want – from the stores you’ll be shopping at and it creates a shopping list for you, based on those deals and which stores you’ll need to go to in order to snag that particular deal.

3. Waze

This navigation app really ups the ante. It’s far superior than any other version I’ve ever tried. It allows you to map various routes (depending on preferences), gives you traffic time estimations and even lets you know when there are obstacles in the road. I LOVE Waze. It makes driving to new locations way easier than any other competing app – and it’s completely free!

4. Google Translate

Hey, it pays to have a means to translate any language at your fingertips – even if you just plan to use it to confuse your friends. Personally, I am learning German and this app is tremendously helpful. Type in anything – in any language – and it will translate to the language you want. A great, and randomly helpful app – truly. It will also say the translation properly

5. Spotify

So, I have a ridiculous number of playlists on my Spotify account. There are very few times when listening to music doesn’t boost your mood or help you concentrate. Having playlists that you made – personally for you – are amazing to have around. You can make a playlist for every activity or mood in your life. (It’s way better than Pandora or iHeartRadio, in my opinion). You can follow me on Spotify below for playlist ideas 🙂

6. YouTube

This is another must-have app for me. If I see a video that I just can’t wait to show one of my friends – Youtube is where to go. Make your own videos and upload them and watch videos made by others. Comedy, reviews – all things video are available on Youtube.

7. Amazon

Need something quick? Amazon literally has anything you can think of that you could possibly need available. I have Amazon Prime because I order so much from the site. It’s the biggest, greatest store in the world at the tips of your fingers. (They aren’t paying me to say that – it’s just the truth).

8. Shopular

Who doesn’t want cash back for things they are already going to buy? It features deals from your preferred stores and allows you to receive cash back when you buy. A great cash-back app! I always stumble on amazing deals using this app!

9. iBotta

This is my favorite grocery receipt scanning app. I make huge, (and overwhelming) Wal-Mart hauls more often than I’d like to admit. Check the app before you make a trip, you’ll probably find at least a few things you were going to buy anyway. They let you cash out at $20.00 through Paypal. Hey – you’re spending money anyway, may as well get some cash back! (The Paypal app is a great app to have as well).


EVERYONE can make use of these 9 fantastic apps. If you don’t have them – download them and thank me later. Hope these apps help you out as much as they help me. Please share 🙂

Know of any other great apps that are free and useful? Share in the comments!


Krissy October is a professional freelance writer, aspiring novelist and knowledge nerd who is dedicated to consistent self-improvement and finding clever ways to solve everyday problems.

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