Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and we all want to show some love to the women who brought us into this world, (or the ones who raised us). Like everyone, each mom is unique – so I broke this gift guide down into categories. Here are some great gift ideas for Mom this Mother’s Day:

Gifts All Moms Will Love

Spa Gift Sets 

Moms – more than anyone, definitely deserve a spa day, whether at home or at an actual spa. Check out gift cards to local spas or buy a spa gift basket for Mom. For those of you who love DIYing, make one yourself. The options are endless.

A Bouquet of Flowers

There are very few, (if any), women who don’t enjoy a bouquet of fresh flowers. If you’re on a budget – grab a meaningful card and bouquet of flowers for this Mother’s Day. Fresh flowers are a great gift 🙂 .

A Picture Frame with a Picture of You & Mom

If you have siblings, you can also choose pictures of all of them for mom this Mother’s Day. There are some great collage frames out there – as well as personalized options. Almost every mother out there truly appreciates photographs of good memories with their children.

You can also buy personalized picture gifts at Shutterfly.

Birth Stone Rings/ Personalized Jewelry for Mom

These are really popular Mother’s Day gifts that really never go out of style. You can personalize these to have the birthstones of you and your siblings – a great piece of jewelry that mom will adore! Personally, I love these! They are a fabulous gift for Mom – and not just for Mother’s Day. 🙂

Chocolates & Wine

Moms need to unwind too, (likely more than the rest of us). If mom is both a wine lover & a chocolate lover – put together they make a fantastic combo gift for Mother’s Day. 🙂

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are a great go-to for any occasion. It allows the receiver of the gift to buy whatever they want. Some great ideas for Mother’s Day Gift Cards include:

  • Local Spa Gift Card
  • Mom’s Favorite restaurant gift card
  • Mom’s Favorite store Gift Cards
  • Amazon Gift Card (Of course)

Gifts for Moms who Love to Cook


This is a go-to gift for really anyone, (as there are lots of personalized options on various websites). Also, for moms who really need their coffee – a great mug is another excellent Mother’s Day Gift.

New Kitchen Gadgets & Appliances

Does mom like to keep up with the latest cooking trends? If so – pick something for the kitchen mom doesn’t have but that you know she would love to use. Some examples:

  • Air Fryers
  • New Coffee/Espresso Machine
  • New Baking Set
  • Water Filter
  • Dining Sets

For Outdoorsy Moms

Gardening Gifts

If Mom loves to garden, consider picking her some new gardening tools or even some lives plants to help her liven up her garden.

Athletic Wear

Does mom like to go on hikes? Ride Bikes? Or does she simply like sun-bathing with a good book to read? Grab your mom some outdoor essentials for spring and summer – like some of the options below:

For Book-Loving Moms

Depending on what mom enjoys reading, pick up some books or grab her a kindle, (or whatever e-reader she uses) – gift card. You could also find mom some great bookmarks. 🙂

30 More Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (Stand alone or Add to a DIY gift Basket)

  1. Candles
  2. Essential Oils Set + Essential Oil Diffuser
  3. Handbags (Keep Mom’s Style in mind for this one).
  4. Sunglasses (Again, Mom’s style matters for this gift).
  5. Watches
  6. Journaling Supplies
  7. Luxurious Robe (Because Mom needs to feel comfy after a long bath).
  8. Slippers
  9. Indoor Plants (Check on my article on Hard to Kill Houseplants.)
  10. Lotions, Body washes – Dry Brush (Here’s an article on Dry Brushing.)
  11. Face Masks
  12. Skincare Sets
  13. Decor Mom will Love
  14. Kindle or E-Reader
  15. Bluetooth Speakers (For Music Loving Moms)
  16. Hot Sauce Gift Set (If Mom really likes all things Spicy)
  17. Jewelry Box (Again, lots of personalized options available online)
  18. Key Chains
  19. Makeup Bag
  20. Mani – Pedi Kits
  21. Nail Polish Set
  22. New Tea Kettle + Mom’s Favorite Teas
  23. Paperweights (If Mom spends a lot of time at a desk)
  24. Figurines (Think of what Mom likes – animals & such – and pick up some figurines).
  25. Mom’s Favorite Hair Products
  26. A Cake (Go to a local bakery and have a cake made special for mom – or make it yourself!)
  27. Sewing Machine (For Moms who love to sew)
  28. Workout Equipment (For the fit, active Mom)
  29. A Wreath to brighten up Mom’s front door (DIY if you wish 🙂 ).
  30. A Cozy Blanket (Everyone loves a new cozy blanket – especially Moms).

Main Points to Consider when choosing the perfect Mother’s Day Gift: 

  • Make a list of things you know Mom Loves (Hobbies, animals, religion, pets) & incorporate those “loves” into a special, unique gift for Mom this Mother’s Day.
  • Will Mom actually use this? (If mom isn’t all that tech-friendly – a new Ipad probably isn’t the best choice).
  • Will Mom find this gift meaningful? (Moms are happy to be appreciated so make sure your gift shows appreciation).
  • Write a unique message in the card. (Again, Mom’s are sentimental. They love personalized messages).
  • What does Mom need that she would never buy herself? (Lots of Moms tend to be a bit selfless – think of what Mom would need/love/use, but never buy for herself. That is one of the best kind of gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day).

Whatever gift you decide for Mom this Mother’s Day – she will be happy. Show her appreciation, love and remember to tell how much she means to you. Have a Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Don’t forget to share – for those who are stumped on what to get Mom this Mother’s Day. 🙂

Krissy October is a professional freelance writer, aspiring novelist and knowledge nerd who is dedicated to consistent self-improvement and finding clever ways to solve everyday problems.

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