Ways to Boost Good Vibes at Home

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s the place you go to feel comfortable, to unwind. Leave the stress elsewhere and only allow good vibes inside your home. Here are some great ways to boost good vibes at home:

Diffuse Essential Oils

These are all the rage right now, for good reason. Good smells = good vibes. Having your home smell fantastic really boosts the good vibes. Peppermint is one of my favorites. 🙂 Find your favorite scents and diffuse them in the home. There are a lot of options. Don’t be afraid to experiment with mixing up essential oil scents!

Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps

Not only do these look beautiful, they provide a lot of positive energy. The warm glow it gives off can help us feel relaxed and secure. They are also said to help purify the air. Pink Himalayan sea salt is not just great for cooking, (but it’s the only salt I use now). They have lamps, candle holders and the very convenient plug-ins.

Keep the Home Organized

Ditch all the clutter. Since I’ve limited the amount of clutter I allow to accumulate, I noticed that I feel better overall. Having a properly organized home will ultimately boost good vibes and leave you feeling less overwhelmed and stressed.

Have Decor you Love

This can be different for everyone. Personally, I love images of the moon, abstract & fantasy art, as well as symbolism and literary quotes. I use the basics of things I love to incorporate into my decor. Have decor that you love. Imagery and colors you love will boost your mood & the vibes in the home. Below are some great deals from Amazon for wall art:

Indoor Plants

Bring some nature inside the home. There are lots of low-maintenance plants to choose from – some of which even help purify the air. I absolutely love having live plants in the house. It will give your home a more “earthy” feel, and therefore brighten it up and boost those good vibes. Pictured above is my Living room collection of cute, small plants. I’ll do another post soon about hard-to-kill houseplants.


Best home tip ever: NEVER buy a piece of furniture just because it’s on sale. COMFORT is key! Spend the extra money for that comfortable couch, a great mattress and pillows that you love! Having comfortable furniture is essential to good vibes in the home. What’s a home if it’s not comfortable?

Furniture that should always be comfortable:

  • Your Bed. Never skimp on a mattress. Sleep is essential for health and happiness.
  • A cozy couch. (There’s nothing better than being able to curl up on the couch with a good book – or for an epic binge-watching session).
  • Great pillows! (This is a huge one for me. I need incredibly comfortable pillows for good sleep).
  • Computer chairs. (If you spend a lot of time at a desk, be sure you have a very comfy chair to sit in).

Light some Candles

Bring the element of fire into the home. Having candles burning around the house makes it feel more “alive” – so to speak. Elements play a huge part in the basics of Feng Sui. Fire is one of those elements. If you don’t have a fireplace, having candles burning is the cheapest alternative to bring this vibe-boosting element into the home. (I prefer beeswax candles). Below are some of my favorites :). 


Create Wonderful Memories

Homes should be filled with laughter and happiness. Expel negative energy the best way – DON’T EVER LET IT INSIDE YOUR HOME. Create happy memories within your home. You’ll smile just being somewhere those happy memories with family or your significant other took place. Make it a rule that you won’t allow any negative interaction within your home. Happiness is the best way to boost good vibes.

Also, keep photographs of happy memories in the home. You’ll be able to look at them, think back and smile.

Always treat your home as the sanctuary is meant to be. Don’t let clutter build up. Have decor you LOVE. And, of course, ALWAYS keep the positive energy flowing within the home.

Boost those good vibes 🙂 – Don’t forget to share!

And please, let me know what you have in your home to boost good vibes in the comment section.

Krissy October is a professional freelance writer, aspiring novelist and knowledge nerd who is dedicated to consistent self-improvement and finding clever ways to solve everyday problems.

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