8 Ways to Make your Home Smell Awesome

Nobody likes unpleasant odors. With pets, cigarette smoke and cooking – lots of unpleasant smells can overtake your home. Here are 8 of the best ways to keep your home smelling awesome:

1. Diffuse Essential Oils

This is a sure way to make your home smell amazing. However, there is more you can do with essential oils to make your home smell awesome other than diffusing them. Put 1-4 drops on a couple cotton balls, place those cotton balls in Ziploc bags, (that you’ve punched a few holes in), and throw them in drawers or behind furniture. Another tip: On the inside of a TP roll, drop a couple drops of essential oil to keep the bathroom smelling awesome. My favorite essential oils are: Eucalyptus, Orange, Rose, Lavender (especially in the bedroom), and Ylang Ylang. I’ll do another article about some great essential oil blends, also. 🙂

2. Tuck Dryer Sheets into couch cushions

I have been doing this for years. (I’m obsessed with the smell of Gain). I just tuck some dryer sheets in between couch cushions and it leaves the room smelling awesome for quite some time. You can also tuck some dryer sheets inside pillow cases. 🙂

3. Candle Warmer

This is an inexpensive solution. You can get wax packs for as little as $2.00 at Wal-Mart. Some of my favorites though, are from a brand called Scentsy – available on amazon. The lemongrass scent is incredible.

4. Boil Cinnamon

If you love the smell of cinnamon, boil some on the stove and let the aroma fill the house. This is a great scent for the holidays, or any other time of year. It’s quick and easy – and it smells awesome. There are lots of other combinations you can boil on the stove to keep the home smelling awesome also. Think lemon, lemongrass, ect.

5. Let in some Fresh Air

Open those windows! Let the fresh air fill the home. Air circulation is important in a home. It will allow those pleasant outdoor smells to move throughout the home.

6. Fresh Flowers

When you can, pick up some fresh flowers, (or better yet – pick some yourself). Put them in vases inside your home. They brighten up the house and provide a pleasing scent. Roses, in particular, will spread an awesome scent around your home.

7. GAIN Everything

So, I’m obsessed with the scent of Gain. It’s fresh, lively and smells awesome. There’s so many Gain products you can buy to keep your home smelling awesome: detergent, dryer sheets, all-purpose cleaner and fabric softener.

8. Keep up on Cleaning Tasks

Prevent those nasty odors before they become overpowering. Take out the trash daily. Keep the fridge clean. Wipe down the counter tops with all-purpose cleaner daily.

Keeping your home smelling awesome will not only brighten your mood, it will make guests feel more welcome. Do you have any other tricks to keep your home smelling awesome? Let me know in the comments. And, don’t forget to share. 🙂

Krissy October is a professional freelance writer, aspiring novelist and knowledge nerd who is dedicated to consistent self-improvement and finding clever ways to solve everyday problems.

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