Best Hangover Remedies

We’ve all been there. Even if you didn’t go hard the night before, a pesky hangover can still creep up on you and leave you feeling pretty shitty. Nobody likes a hangover. They suck – they happen to the best of us – but there are ways to remedy even the nastiest of hangovers.

Prevent the Hangover before it Hits:

Prevention is the best way to ward off hangovers. The best tip: don’t drink to excess, (but, we all know it happens). The second and perhaps the best tip to avoid waking up feeling like total shit is to drink at least 1 bottle of water before going to bed. 2-3 is probably best, as it will re-hydrate you and stop a hangover from hitting you in the morning. Drink as much water as possible before hitting the sack and you could even throw in a preventative aspirin to avoid a hangover altogether. 🙂

Pickle Juice

I like pickles anyways, so this is an easy fix for me. You may have heard of this remedy, as it’s been around for ages. A mere 2 ounces or so the next day will help eliminate most of the obnoxious effects of a hangover. It sounds silly, but it really does work. Some people even swear by drinking some before they go out the night before.

Electrolyte Drinks

My guy prefers Gatorade for this but I don’t like all those calories. Smartwater is my go-to the day after an event where I drank more than intended. Electrolytes will help replenish all you lost during that birthday party or night out with friends. Again, drinking this at the end of the night will rid you of hangover effects when you wake up the next day 🙂 Here are some more options:

  • Powerade
  • Coconut water

Sleep it off

This is one of the best remedies as it gives your body time to rejuvenate and recover after a night of drinking. Sure, you’re going to waste those precious, productive morning hours but you’ll feel better if you sleep in.

Eggs/ a Good Breakfast

Eggs is a great go-to hangover cure. The proteins in eggs can help reduce hangover effects and, sometimes, can even get you back to %100.

Don’t run to the Coffee Maker

I’m guilty of doing this on multiple occasions and it always just made me feel worse as the day goes on. Caffeine won’t help ease the effects of a hangover and it will probably just make your headache worse. Drink water – not caffeine.

Sweat it Out

Do a little bit of cardio (if you can), to sweat out the excess alcohol from the night before. Some people will recommend a sauna. Sweating, in general will get the toxins out of your system, (I just can’t do a sauna because I have felt faint every time I’ve tried). Do some jumping jacks, hop on an elliptical or walk it out on the treadmill – anything to get you sweating the hangover away.

A Cold Shower

After you sweat a little bit, hop in a cold shower. It will help wake you up, make you feel more alert and ward off some lingering hangover symptoms.

Main lesson: Prevent it before it happens!

Hangovers can be a bitch. Keep yourself hydrated, even having a glass of water in between drinks is a good idea. Make sure you’re always on top of taking your vitamins and try not to drink to excess. (Again, it happens to the best of us). Hydrate, eat and get the necessary sleep to feel good the next day. 🙂


Thanks for reading! I hope these remedies can help you get back to normal after a night of a little too much fun. Add any hangover remedies that work for you in the comments section and please, don’t forget to share 🙂


Krissy October is a professional freelance writer, aspiring novelist and knowledge nerd who is dedicated to consistent self-improvement and finding clever ways to solve everyday problems.

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