Creepiest Urban Legends: PA

Countless Urban Legends exist in every town, in every state, all over the world. Of course, there are some goofy ones, but then there are ones that are deeply disturbing or downright creepy.

I’m going to do one of these posts for every state, but I found it only fitting I begin with the state I’m currently living in: Pennsylvania.

After doing a good amount of digging, I’ve narrowed down the creepiest Urban Legends that originated in PA.

“Blue Myst Road, Pittsburgh”

This road in the North Hills actually has more than one urban legend attached to it. The main one: by night, Irwin Road, (the road’s real name), becomes engulfed by a blue mist. The other, popular urban legends that surround this eerie stretch of road:

  • An old witch’s house used to be located along the road.
  • A creature that is half-human, (sometimes described as half-dog, or half-deer) lives in the surrounding woods and will harm anyone who dares enter their territory.
  • The gravestones of a couple will touch under the light of a full moon.

Irwin road draws many ‘paranormal seekers’ who have never found anything besides a waste of time and some pretty annoyed locals. Either way, the urban legends are creepy.

“The Seven Gates of Hell”

In York County, PA, there are varying stories of the so-named “seven gates of hell.” Local legends say that there are ‘gateways’ that people over the years have said to pass through, but those who make it through the seventh gate are never seen again.

There’s also tales about an insane asylum that was built around the area and something about a crazed doctor. That doesn’t stop the storytellers of Reddit laying down very creepy stories about the area. Read more actual info¬†on this Wikipedia page.

“The Green Man of Pittsburgh”

AKA – “Charlie No Face”. You can find all sorts of wild stories about this Urban legend with a simple Google search. Okay so, this one is sort of funny, (creepy but funny). So people claim there’s this dude that can be found along roads at night giving off a greenish glow. It’s said that the smoke from his cigarette flows out through his cheeks. Some have made the connection of this urban legend to a real-life guy whose name was Raymond Robinson. While there was nothing evil or bad about the guy – his story is a sad one. He was badly mutilated in an accident, with most of the damage on his face. Does a glowing, green dude lurk around the streets of Pittsburgh at night smoking a cig? Nope, but it’s a creepy thought.


“Baleroy Mansion, Philadelphia”

*Cue flashlight under face in the dark, dark woods”, so the legend of the Beleroy mansion goes: a carpenter constructed the home around 1911 before he murdered his wife. It has been called the most haunted house in Philadelphia. The wealthy Easby family purchased the mansion in the 20’s, during which period they experienced unexplained deaths and all the trappings of a twisted soul haunting the home. It has been investigated by paranormal investigators on many occasions. Can’t find a legit video of those so-called investigations though.

“The General Wayne Inn”

This place has had some pretty awesome visitors in the house. Edgar Allen Poe is said to have written part of “The Raven” in the inn, so of course, I had to mention it. I found the video below that gives a long history of totally creepy, and ghostly stories people have told of the location over the years:

Urban legends are certainly creepy, and, believe it or not, many urban legends over the years have been found to be true. I’m all for a creepy story, but most of them are just local stories where the residents have played a game of “telephone” over the years. They are still cool to read about and research though.

What are your favorite Urban Legends?


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