Super Simple Ways to be Happier

Happy Motivational Monday! Today, instead of overloading you with positive quotes, I wanted to talk about some super simple ways to be happier. We all have those days where we just feel down in the dumps. Let’s talk about some really easy ways that you can be happier everyday 🙂

Listen to Music you Love Daily

Am I the only one that has playlists for every type of occasion/mood? I hope not. Listening to music is a great way to calm our nerves, be more productive and, of course, be happier. Wake up to a “Good Morning” playlist. Have playlists tailored to you, that make you smile. 🙂 Listen to them everyday! Below is one of “Good Morning Playlists”:

Do something nice for Someone.

Open a door for a stranger, smile at people and, if you’re able, pay for someone’s morning coffee. It will leave you feeling happy that you were able to make someone else’s day brighter.

The Grass is only greener when it’s watered.

Stop the comparisons. Don’t worry about how Sally at work gets to go to the Bahamas next week. Worry about your own grass, (your own life). Always keep watering it, (looking for ways to improve your life). What that means is: focus on making your own best life. Worrying about other people’s lives will likely only bring you down – especially if you’re comparing.

Make Plans in Advance

It’s incredibly healthy to spend time around positive people – the ones who make you smile – those who keep you laughing – the people you can have real, meaningful conversations with. Make plans with friends and loved ones ahead of time. Looking forward to spending time with those people can make you happier all around.

Get Exercising & Live Healthier

I talk about this a lot and so do a lot of other people, for a super simple reason: IT WORKS! Sweat out that negativity. Eat the good stuff, (healthy, that is). When your body feels better – so will you. Hence, making you happier.

Take up a new hobby

Focusing on improving yourself will make you feel accomplished. Always wanted to learn to draw? Do it – there are tons of tutorials online for almost anything. Go hiking, learn to knit, go bird-watching. Literally, any hobby you think would make for a good time – TRY IT! There are lots. You’ll find one that lights up your day.


Holding grudges does nothing but make you negative. Forgive those who have wronged you – it’s only hurting you if you don’t. Most importantly, forgive yourself. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. Forgiveness is something that can truly bring out the happiest you :).

Schedule some “Me Time”

Self-care is essential to our well being, but so few people focus on it. Have a spa day for yourself. Treat yourself to something. Meditate. Taking care of yourself is necessary for happiness.

 Do Affirmations

Find ones you love and repeat them to yourself throughout your day, especially in times of stress. I like to wake up and say at least 3 affirmations for the day. 🙂 Having positive intentions for the day, (and confidence), will make you ten times happier. I promise.

Be A Goof

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Make time to goof around. Add laughter into your life. You’ll be happier.

Be Thankful

Being grateful = being happy. Remind yourself of all the things you’re grateful for. Write em’ down. Thank the people in your life that make it better.

The Furry Friends

Cuddle with a pet – adopt a pet. Watch cute animal videos on Youtube. Animals being cute is a great perk-me-up. 🙂

Have Sex

It’s back by science that it helps reduce stress & generally makes one happier. So – do it.

Take Happiness into your own hands.

Nobody can make you happy, but you! Yes, there are people that will naturally increase our happiness but for the most part – it’s all on you. Make happiness a priority. 🙂


I hope you have a great week ahead. Always remember to stay positive and keep living that healthy life :). Much Love.

Krissy October is a professional freelance writer, aspiring novelist and knowledge nerd who is dedicated to consistent self-improvement and finding clever ways to solve everyday problems.

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