15 Ways to know you’ve found Your Person

Love is one of those confusing emotions, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. We all know we love our parents, our pets – but what about our person? Me and my guy have been together since high school and that comes with complications of it’s own – but there are some ways to know you’ve found “your person”, also known as “the one”.

1. They are the 1st person you want to tell when you see something/something happens in your day.

Do you see a crazy person at Wal-Mart, a cute dog while on a walk? Did you read something crazy on the internet? Did you have a particularly hilarious encounter during your day? Is there a newly announced movie in production that you can’t wait to see? Things we see, hear and experience daily are part of our lives but we all like to talk, right? Well, the first person you want to tell about stuff is likely your person. 🙂

Example: I found out that Scarface is being remade, (*eye roll*, nobody will ever be Tony Montana other than Al Pacino). My guy was the first person I wanted to complain to about it. 🙂 And, even though I know he gets annoyed by it – I recently stumbled on a Youtube channel called “ViperKeeper”, (His Link here – check it out. It’s really awesome! ), that features this dude feeding and handling venomous snakes. I LOVE it and, of course, whenever a new video is posted, my guy is the first person I want to show, (even though it creeps him out).

2. They Support you.

Hey, we all have dreams, right? If your person is always supportive of what you want to accomplish in your life, (even some of the more unrealistic endeavors) – they are probably your person. When you’ve found your person, they will always support you – no matter what. Want to write a 300 page book in a month, (eh, high-reaching right?), they’ll support you.

3. You’re Lovers & Friends

Ludacris, Lil’ Jon and Usher circa 2000 something. For real though – both physical intimacy and emotional intimacy play a huge part in a happy, healthy relationship. If you have both and can keep that going without a whole lot of effort – you’ve probably found your person. Your person is going to be your friend and, even though I hate the word “lover” – your lover.

4. You’re a Team.

If there is a problem, the two of you are able to work together to solve it. You are there for each other and have the ability to problem solve as one.

5. They accept your weirdness.

We all have quirks, or odd qualities, and things we enjoy that we don’t really expose to the world. (Guilty Pleasure: Backstreet’s Back Karaoke. I’m an awful singer, probably painfully so. My dude knows that when that song comes on, I’m going to bust out the vocals). Another example: I really enjoy low-budget horror movies. Most of the time they are terrible, but I’ve found a few gems over the years. My dude will watch them with me, even if it means both of us complaining the entire time. Your person will accept all of you – especially your weirdness.

6. Conversations are mutual.

If both of you are contributing to conversations on the regular – you’re probably each others’ person. Lots of times, conversations can be harshly one-sided. One person yammers on about their day, their career or their passions without giving the other person a chance to share an opinion. In a good relationship, conversations are mutual, (unless one of you had a bad day – it’s cool to rant to each other also).

7. You can be Playful

You’re able to tease each other and play around. They bring out the child in you. You and your person will be able to not take everything seriously and have goofy moments together.

8. You’re comfortable with each other

You’re not worried about what your hair looks like in the morning, or holding onto that “idealized” image of yourself when you’re with your person. Burping and farting aren’t off the table, (cool it – they are normal bodily functions). When you’re with your person, there’s no filter – you can be totally you, (flaws and all).

9. Your success = Their Success & Vice Versa

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of competition when it comes to things that really don’t matter, (Call of Duty, Beer Pong, Poker), but when it comes down to the big things in life, they are happy when you achieve something and you are happy when they do. I’ve heard that some people get bitter over the success of their partner. That’s just weird to me. With your person, your come-up=their come-up.

10. “If” Becomes “When”

When the two of you are talking about your future – the “if” fades away. It’s not “If we ever..” – it’s, “When we..”.

11. You Genuinely have the same Interests

I’ve seen people who act, as I call them, “chameleons”. That means they completely alter themselves to become what the person they are dating wants. They change their likes and dislikes. While it is true that when you’re with someone for a long time, you do adapt each other’s mannerisms and such. However, with your person, you both really enjoy the same things. (There will always be a few things you don’t both enjoy, but, for the most part – you have the same tastes).

12. Peacefulness

When it comes to your relationship, when you’ve found your person, you have a strong sense of peace and security. They are there for you – you are there for them and even when you’re doing nothing, together you just feel peace.

13. You share the same future goals

You and your person will talk about the future and, for the most part, the goals are the same. You may both want to do something by a certain age.

14. It’s a “Drop everything kind of thing”.

Damn…I quote stuff a lot. Anyhow, Luke Bryan said it best in “Crash my Party”. When you’re with your person – they will be there for you, no matter what.

15. You feel it in your Bones

The most powerful factor to consider when you believe you’ve found your person is the easiest of them all. You just know. Sounds cheesy, right? It’s not. When you’re with you’re person – you can sense it – you know it’s real and you know it’s right.

Krissy October is a professional freelance writer, aspiring novelist and knowledge nerd who is dedicated to consistent self-improvement and finding clever ways to solve everyday problems.

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