Saint Patrick’s Day: Ideas to Celebrate

Saint Patrick’s Day is this Saturday. It’s a pretty big ‘drinking holiday’ in the U.S. where many people go out of their way to wear green, drink green and celebrate the Irish holiday with friends and family.

The History:

Saint Patrick’s Day commemorates St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. It started out as being a day of feasting but evolved into different traditions all around the world – and a whole lot of green. There’s a story about St. Patrick banishing all snakes from Ireland, but we all know that’s not true. There’s actually a lot of mystery surrounding the life of the Saint – but he’ll always be remembered on March 17th.

Green Everything!

Four-leaf clovers and “the luck of the Irish” are two things that come to mind when anyone thinks of Saint Patrick’s Day. I don’t think there has been a single Saint Patrick’s day where I, at the least, didn’t add some green food coloring to my beer, (since my 21st year, of course 😉 ). So wear green, paint your nails green – add green to everything!

Shamrock in your Drink

This is a tradition I believe originated in Ireland many years ago. The idea is to take a four-leaf clover and put it in your drink. Once the drink is finished, you either swallow the four-leaf clover with the beverage, or it’s left in the bottom. If the shamrock is left, take it out of your glass and toss it over your shoulder for good luck.

Green Jell-O Shots Recipe

Jell-O shots are always a party favorite. There are many ways to make them. In the spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day – let’s go green. Types of Jell-O that come out green: Lime and Sour Apple. (There may be others). Dissolve the jell-o in hot water as you normally would but instead of using only water, add half vodka. Make as normal. Boom – Jell-O shots :). (You can also use rum instead of vodka).

Saint Patrick’s Day is about celebrating Irish heritage – or, if you’re not Irish – the appreciation of Irish culture. I hope everyone has a fun, (and safe), Saint Patrick’s Day!

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