Daily Tasks that will make you Happier

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all are feeling motivated for the week ahead :). Sometimes it can feel like the days are just dragging on and you can get stuck in a rut. What should you do when that happens? Well – you have to try something new! Create new habits that will make you happier 🙂

Have Routines!

I talk about this a lot because it truly does make a difference! Having a good “Nightly Routine” and “Morning Routine” can make you feel more put together and genuinely make you happier on a day to day basis. Try various routines and find one that works for you. Again, I would also highly recommend getting a planner of some sort 🙂

Here’s a Free Daily Planner

More Water 🙂

I know, you’ve heard this one before, right? Well, it will not only help you ditch a bunch of unnecessary sugar – it will make you feel better. Sometimes we can become dehydrated and not even realize it. Drink water – even track how much water you drink daily and try to drink more. 

Wake up to Music and have it with you throughout your day.

Music can be, not only a great motivational tool, but can also make tasks seem less daunting and generally put you in a better mood. Have various playlists for tasks throughout your day. Some ideas:

  • “Good Morning Sunshine Playlist”
  • Workout Playlist
  • “Workflow Playlist”
  • “Getting Ready Playlist”
  • “Perk me Up Playlist”
  • “Chilling out Playlist”

Have a playlist for everything. Listening to music daily can increase happiness and productivity 🙂

Be Present.

I’ll go into greater detail about living a more “mindful” life in a later post. If you’re constantly dwelling on the past, you’re likely to feel crappy. Let that shit go and live in the present moment.

Let go of Comparisons.

You are in complete control of your own life. Stop comparing it to others’ and idealizing their lifestyle. Focus on yourself and those close to you. Stop comparing – it will only increase negative thoughts and feelings.

Take a break or breaks.

Days can get stressful. Make sure you schedule in some breaks throughout the day, even if they are only short breaks. It will not only increase productivity but give you some time to just “be”.

Get yourself moving.

Exercise – EVERYDAY. Just do it. Seriously, even if you can only squeeze in some small exercise moves or stretching in daily – you’ll feel better and your body will thank you. Walk to lunch. Take the stairs. Get a stand-up desk. Do anything and everything you can to get moving, at least a little every single day.

Be more Positive.

There are lots of ways to do this that I’ll talk about in a later post. Ditch your negative mindset and take time each day to be positive. It will cause less stress.

Try to wake up earlier.

More daylight hours = more time to get shit done. Try to wake up fifteen minutes earlier everyday. You’ll feel more accomplished by the end of the day and be able to get better sleep.

Snack on fruits and vegetables.

Don’t run for that bag of chips in the vending machine. Snack on fresh fruits and vegetables instead. They are healthier and healthy=happy. It’s a simple swap that can make you feel better overall daily.

Smile and Laugh more.

I know, this one sounds simple but it does make an impact. I’m one of those people that has what’s called “resting bitch face”. (A lot of us have it and don’t realize it). Smile at strangers. I guess this goes back to ‘being more positive’, but it really will make you happier every single day.

Stay Organized.

Don’t leave something laying around that would take you less than five minutes to clean up. Organization can make you feel happier and less overwhelmed later when you realize you let so many, small tasks become overlooked. If it takes a couple minutes – just do it! 

Always focus on “Leveling Up”.

Have something new you want to learn, or a skill you want to enhance? Set aside time daily to practice. Always keep learning. There’s never a stopping point for becoming a “better you”. It will make you feel more accomplished and therefore – happier.


Krissy October is a professional freelance writer, aspiring novelist and knowledge nerd who is dedicated to consistent self-improvement and finding clever ways to solve everyday problems.

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