A-Z of Horror Movies

I’m a HUGE horror movie fan. With that being sad, there are a shit-ton of horror movies out there. Personally, I have a wide range of likes in the genre; survival horror, paranormal, gore, ect. If it’s a good movie, I like it. Gore doesn’t bother me and the scarier the better.

Some letters deserve double, even triple mentions. These are my favorite A-Z horror flicks. Stay spooky..

A – Annabelle (2014), Anaconda (1997)

I recently rented Annabelle: Creation – and it was decent but pretty drawn out. It wasn’t as good as the first one. And hey – Anaconda is a freaking classic. I love that movie and I don’t care what anyone thinks about it. The snake in that movie was great, especially for 1997.

B – The Blair Witch Project (2016)

One of the best remakes I have seen in a very, very long time. It was jumpy-style horror and I loved it. We saw it the day it opened and I’ll be adding it to my collection for sure.

C – The Conjuring (2013), The Cell (2000) , The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

The second Conjuring isn’t bad either but the first one offers a good story line and a good amount of scares. The graphics are also great. As for The Cell – another classic to me, and really overlooked. I also had to add The Cabin in the Woods just because it turns out to be NOTHING like you expect and that’s always a bonus in the horror genre.

D – The Descent (2005) , The Devil’s Rejects (2005)

The Descent is one of my favorite horror movies ever because all the characters are strong females and the entire movie is creepy as hell! All the small spaces they crawl through plus the awful cave monsters = a great movie. Ah – The Devil’s Rejects, a very unique horror movie. It’s shown from both the antagonists and protagonists perspective – the hunters become the hunted and that’s great. It’s easily Rob Zombie’s best movie – great characters, fantastic dialogue and a whole lot of gore.

E – The Exorcist (1973)  , The Evil Dead (2013)

You really just can’t leave The Exorcist off of any horror list. It’s a classic. And, I’ll probably get shit for this but I loved The Evil Dead remake. Yes, Bruce Campbell is awesome, still. I just really enjoy the remake – maybe it’s the gore looking more realistic, I’m not sure. I just know I love it.

F – Friday the 13th (2009)

Another remake I really enjoyed. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that I don’t love the classics but better quality picture and updated circumstances is just more appealing to me.

G – Gothika (2003)

Fun Fact: This movie was my guy and I’s first date. Yeah, we’ve always been pretty romantic – lol.

H – The Hills have Eyes (2006)  , Hostel Part 2 (2007) , Halloween (2007)

I love the characters in The Hills have Eyes and the one you least expect really giving those mutated cannibals hell! I loved the first Hostel too but I guess I liked the second one better because it focuses on a group of female travelers and maybe that resonates better with me – not sure. The reversal at the end is also incredible. Lastly, Rob Zombie’s second best movie, (and maybe his last – sorry), Halloween. It’s a fantastic remake that shows you a young Michael Myers in all his screwed up glory. The other characters are great too and, as with most of Zombie’s movies – there is a lot of gore and great dialogue.

I – IT (1990) , I Spit on your Grave (2010), Insidious (2010)

The “It” remake really impressed me as well but, again, the 1990 IT is simply classic. I Spit on your Grave is freaking violent as hell but it’s a superb revenge film loaded with gore and some wild ways to take someone out. I also had to add Insidious simply because of the cast and the fact that I’ve probably watched it at least three times.

J – Jeepers Creepers (2001)

The first movie is great – it’s all about a brother, a sister, a creeper-creature and a psychic. All around a good and different monster movie.

K –

None exist.

L – The Last House on the Left (2009)

Another horrendously violent movie but one that quickly turns into some seriously deserved revenge.

M – The Mist (2007)

Whoa, the ending of this is still haunting.

N –

None worth mentioning, I guess.

O – Oculus (2013) , Orphan (2009)

I like movies with siblings as the main characters. Oculus is straight creepy and involves a brother and a sister determined to prove their dad wasn’t really a sicko. And, I only mention Orphan because, well, that “little girl” gives me major creeps.

P – Pet Cemetery (1989) , Paranormal Activity (2007)

Pet Cemetary is one movie that actually really got to me, probably because of my love for animals. Anyways – it’s another great Stephen King classic. Paranormal Activity started a promising trend with home video type horror and before they went and made it just – meh – the first one was good.

Q – Quarantine (2008)

Honestly, just added that one to fill in the “Q” – HaHa – but it’s an ‘outbreak type’ horror movie and was okay for that kind of flick.

R- The Ruins (2008)

Gore, gore….friends turning on each other…and more gore.

S- Saw (2004), The Shining (1980)

The first Saw was made with an incredibly low budget but it paved the way for one of the most iconic horror figures ever – Jigsaw. It’s one of those franchises that probably has a room of writers just throwing out random ass ways for people to die. Hey – it works though. The Shining couldn’t be left off the list, because, well, “all work and no play makes Jake a dull boy”.

T – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) , Turistas (2006)

Leatherface: another iconic horror icon. There really isn’t a Texas Chainsaw Massacre film I didn’t enjoy but if I had to pick – the 2003 one is my favorite. I added Turistas because I think it’s one of those horror movies that get overlooked. Nobody wants their organs harvested – eh.

U – Urban Legend (1998)

Jarred Leto in the 90’s – enough said.

V – Vacancy (2007)

Random motels are freaky as it is. This movie takes that freaky factor and amps it up.

W – Would you Rather , Wrong Turn (2003)

I think Would you Rather is yet another overlooked, great horror movie. We’ve all played would you rather, but what if you had to carry out your choice? It’s a well-carried-out concept. Whenever I’m driving through a heavily-wooded, dirt road location, I always think of Wrong Turn. They took it pretty far with the sequels though.

X –

Nothing comes to mind…

Y – You’re Next (2011)

A family locked in a house with maniacs after them: a concept that truly never gets old if it’s done right.

Z –

Well, I guess that’s it! I am always adding to my collection of horror movies and have purchased a lot digitally lately. I’m always on the lookout for new ones coming out and will keep updating.



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