Incredible Benefits of Bone Broth

One of my current health obsessions: BONE BROTH! Articles about it’s benefits started coming out around last year, but, I hadn’t really dove into it until recently – (Health New Year’s Resolutions).

Since I first tried it, I’ve been stockpiling it. One reason: it’s kind of hard to find in stores right now. I’m not sure it’s because tons of people have hopped on this latest health craze and it sells out, or, if it just isn’t big enough yet to demand a high supply. There are a ton of DIY ways to make your own – (I’ll talk about that when I get around to trying it). But, the easiest way is just to buy the stuff and try it for yourself.

I’ve personally noticed many benefits since I’ve started consuming it regularly. It’s been a HUGE help with my insomnia, personally. (Reason enough for me to keep drinking it) – but, besides that, there are loads of other reasons to drink Bone Broth.

The Benefits: 

  • Boosts immune system. I’m always looking for ways to keep my immune system high-functioning. Nobody wants to get sick, right? Well – this is yet another way to keep that immune system booming.
  • Improves Joint Health. This is particularly helpful for those who suffer from weak knees or experience pain in their joints when they exercise.
  • Reduces cellulite. A lot of people struggle with cellulite, (even if it’s not really talked about all that much).
  • Improve Digestive Function. Since it’s such a great source of natural collagen, it helps line the GI track, keeping it at top-notch functioning.
  • A treatment for ‘Leaky Gut’ Syndrome. Because it essentially heals the digestive tract, it can be used as a treatment for this.
  • COLLAGEN! Let’s talk about that for a minute. There are very few foods that provide natural collagen. It’s benefits are vast. It’s the stuff that keeps us looking young and feeling great! Plus, it does a lot for the inside of the body as well as the outside.
  • Keeps the skin looking great. Again – Collagen! It keeps our skin looking young. Some even go as far as saying it ‘makes the skin glow’. I have noticed, since I started drinking it – my skin does have a better appearance. (We all want to stay looking as young as we feel, right?)
  • Supplies the body with great minerals! Calcium, magnesium and potassium – to name a few! All great minerals the body needs.
  • DETOXIFYING! Detoxing all parts of the body has become hugely important. We don’t want all those nasty toxins just lingering in the body. Bone Broth really helps the Liver and Digestive System flush out the bad stuff.
  • Possibly boosts the libido. It is thought to help improve sex-drive because it limits fatigue and provides the body with so many healthy minerals.
  • Helps with Insomnia. I can personally back this up. My insomnia can be pretty severe at times so I’m always looking for ways to fight against it. Drinking a warm cup of Bone Broth before bed truly does help me fall asleep easier and stay asleep.
  • Healthier Hair & Nails. 
  • Gives Metabolism a boost. This is another health aspect that many people look for. Bone broth helps your body absorb minerals, which in turn, helps boost your metabolism. It contains Glutamine – an amino acid that’s essential for a healthy metabolism.
  • Helps with that pesky Anxiety. Because it supplies the body with so many minerals, it is thought to help with anxiety. Since my anxiety is so extreme, I can’t really attest to it being a ‘cure’ or anything like that but it does help mellow me out at night. Magnesium (contained in bone broth), is thought to help ease symptoms of anxiety also.
  • Healthy Circulation. 
  • Heart Health <3. The minerals help support a healthy heart too!

Even though I’ve personally used this product, check out this article for further reading. Lots of great benefits, right? So worth consuming daily!


Bone Broth: a Must-have

There are EVEN MORE benefits that people claim Bone Broth offers. The benefits listed above give more than enough reasons to give it a try. I have been drinking it every night before bed. And, besides the fact that it’s incredibly healthy – it also tastes really good – honestly! A lot of healthy products I’ve tried consuming tasted horrible but this one isn’t even one of the ones you have to get used to, (basically forcing yourself to consume something just because it’s health). If you like broth in general – you’ll like bone broth. 

I drink it before bed because it helps combat my insomnia but drink it anytime! The health benefits are still the same. You can even add it to any recipe that calls for broth – it will just give it a health boost.

The Wal-Mart by me is usually sold out of Sam’s Choice’ Bone Broth, but most of their stores carry it. Giant Eagle can usually be counted on to have the fantastic tasting Zoup Bone Broths.

Amazon, (my go-to for basically buying ANYTHING) – has a massive stock of bone broths. I have tried quite a few and highly recommend them. I really like the Kettle & Fire brand but there are lots of options. Try as many as you can as long as they are organic.


Overall, bone broth is a super-healthy addition to your life. It’s quite easy to consume at least a cup everyday, (which I do – usually in one of the handheld soup bowls, so technically more than just a cup). I’ll put the ones I use below.

Keep on Living that healthy life – 

Here is a fantastic article about bone broth to check out!

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