Amazing Benefits of Hot Lemon Water

I started drinking hot lemon water as soon as I wake up sometime in mid-November. Sometimes I even add a lemon to my favorite green tea, (which has a lot of benefits on its own). I DID notice a difference when I consumed hot lemon water regularly and some of them were surprising. I would recommend it for many reasons.

Reasons to Drink Hot Lemon Water: 

  • Gives skin a ‘Glow’. Yeah, I didn’t believe this one at first. There are all sorts of DIY ways to make your skin look better but this is one that TRULY works. I noticed a difference in the 1st week. I’ve never been one to break out – but people I know who have said that hot lemon water aided their breakouts.
  • It boosts the immune system. I’m all for anything that helps me not get sick and this does the trick.
  • Gives you an energy burst. For Real.
  • Aids in weight loss. Who doesn’t need/want something that helps aid in weight loss? I did notice a difference in losing weight when I started drinking this – also with Green Tea.
  • Detoxes the Liver. It reduces the load up of toxins on the liver & helps it run properly. Remember – your body is a machine. Especially if you put a hurtin’ on your liver during the weekend. Hot lemon water can help ease some of its burden.
  • Balances PH levels in the body. Lemons are alkaline. It’s important to maintain a healthy PH balance in the body as it’s said to be cancer-fighting.
  • A nice Vitamin C Booster. Vitamin C does wonders for the body including: immune booster, natural cure for skin ailments, protects against heart disease, improves blood flow and more!
  • Helps Regulate Blood Pressure. 1 Lemon per day is said to reduce high blood pressure by 10%.
  • Aids in Digestion. Hot lemon water is so beneficial because it helps flush toxins from the body – this helps you digest better & get rid of all the nasty stuff.
  • Gives your Body Potassium. 
  • Hydrates you better than just water.

Vitamin C Benefits

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