Altered Carbon Review (Netflix)

After glancing at a couple reviews after finishing this series, I must say, I was pretty confused. Did everyone else watch the show I did? Normally, I’m not even into dystopian future sci-fi, but this show was done RIGHT!

I was hooked from episode one.The story line is incredible and the characters are certainly noteworthy. I’m a bit embarrassed that I didn’t have the slightest clue this show was based on a book series by Richard K. Morgan – (a series I’m going to start reading ASAP).

Available on Netflix – 1 Season (10 Episodes)

The Basic Plot (NO SPOILERS):

The series is set in a future where people no longer have to die. ‘Stacks’ have been invented. Essentially, they store the human consciousness on them – everything we are. At the age of 1, every living person has a ‘Stack’ implanted in the back of their neck. When a person dies, they can have their ‘Stack’ moved into another body or, (if you’re super rich), into a clone of your original body.

Naturally, that has created a lot of interesting loopholes for the rich. So, we meet a guy who has been imprisoned for quite a long time – Kovacs, (played by Joel Kinnaman). He’s been put into a new body, in a new time for one purpose: to solve a man’s murder. The victim: Laurens Bancroft, (played by James Purefoy). He was shot in the head and his stack has been placed into one of his many cloned bodies. He wants Kovacs to find out who tried to kill him so they can’t succeed next time, (if your ‘Stack’ is destroyed, you die for real).

Why this is a Great Series: 

Joel Kinnaman, (as always), puts on an incredibly believable and compelling performance as Kovacs. And, it doesn’t hurt that he got insanely jacked for the role. He’s lookin’ pretty damn good. I’ve always been a fan but if I had to choose, this is my favorite of the characters he’s portrayed.

There is LOTS of action. Straight-up: the fight scenes are incredible. The action in the series is all-around badass.

The other characters you get to meet along the way. An A.I who calls himself Poe is hands down a favorite. I didn’t know a computer program could have such utter charm! Kristin Ortega is a detective who is fiercely, (and rightfully), trying to bring down the wealthy who don’t always stick to the rules.

The Mind Bending Ideologies presented. I mean, endless life – the ability to have whatever body you want. There’s synths (robots that can adapt their appearance into whatever they wish). Some crazy stuff goes on with prostitutes, but I won’t ruin it. It pulls into question so many realities of human nature. One of The biggest takeaways from the series, I believe is that Technology changes but we don’t. It pulls religion, wealth, relationships and time all into an intense story that is well displayed and original.

Visually, it’s awesome. The graphics are very well done. From the first episode you are catapulted into an incredible, new world. (Watch in the best definition you can).

Nothing about it was cookie-cutter. There was a lot I didn’t see coming. I was surprised a lot – sometimes disgusted, and sometimes simply mind-f*cked. It was a great combination.

Final Thoughts: 

It’s original – It’s sexy and if you have ever liked anything Sci-Fi, it’s a must-see! I have no clue why people are calling it ‘pretentious’ and ‘boring’. They must not have been paying attention. This series is great & that’s the bottom line. It totally falls under the Binge-Worthy category.

I really hope this series gets renewed!

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