It’s difficult to be positive sometimes, especially these days. Every day there seems to be a new virus spreading, another tragedy, and people generally just being cruel to one another. Staying positive is tough these days. You just have to learn to set yourself up with healthy habits, and eventually, it will start to come… Read Article →

Plant care might not always be the easiest when you are unsure of where to start, which plants to get, or even how to take care of them. Once you learn plant care basics and have a routine in place, you’ll notice the benefits of being a plant parent ( and how easy it is… Read Article →

Have you been in your home for the last few years and realized while you improved the inside to your standards, the outside might need time for a new makeover? Whether you are wanting to just give it a few new repairs or go all out and change everything, you also want to make sure… Read Article →

Guest Post – How is the end of the year almost here?! I cannot believe it. Kids are back to school, the early signs of fall are popping up, and I have already seen a ton of Halloween (especially now that October is here!) and even Christmas decorations in the store. Crazy, right? The last… Read Article →

The home is, (and should always be), a special place. It’s where we relax, recharge, and spend time with the ones we’re close to. It should be filled with items that help facilitate relaxation, fun, and a general good vibe throughout. But, how do you choose the right items, especially with all the options out… Read Article →

Moving is one of those things that can be a LOT to deal with. You have to pack, turn on and off utilities, buy moving trucks, and then if you are moving long-distance? SHEESH! It adds an entirely new list of to-do’s that can be overwhelming!  Yes, moving is normally a lot but it doesn’t… Read Article →

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