About Me

Hey there, I’m Krissy.

If you haven’t guessed by my logo: I’m a Nerd. I’m a freelance writer & now, a blogger too. I believe that I was born a scribe, with the unrelenting urge to write. Writing has and will always be my passion. There are truly few limits to what I will write about.

I strongly believe that we can all strive to be better – AKA – Level Up. In life, there is always room for improvement. I’ll never stop learning, especially by my preferred method of self-teaching. Sharing the information I learn, (that I deem useful), is also a passion of mine, along with lots of other interests & hobbies that I pursue on a daily basis.

I live with obstacles, as we all do but with resilience, persistence and the power of knowledge, I honestly believe that any obstacle can be tackled. Through my personal experiences, (triumphs & fails), I am here to help people facing similar issues. We all want the day-to-day to be easier, right? Well, I’m here to help.

Some of my many interests, (that you’ll likely see on this blog at one point or another), are: 

  • Entertainment (TV, Movies, Music and, of course Books).
  • Mental Health & Self Care
  • Psychology 
  • True Crime 
  • All Things Horror 
  • Animals 🙂
  • Decorating 
  • Interpersonal Relationships 
  • Having Fun 🙂
  • Creating simple solutions to common issues
  • Healthy Living & Exercise 
  • & Probably a lot more…

I highly value family, friendship, love and all the little joys that this beautifully chaotic life has to offer. <3

If you’re interested in working with me, see my Services Page.

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